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February 29, 2008

'Radical "unschooling" moms are changing the stay-at-home landscape'

My parents homeschooled me so that I could get more experience in the world, not so that I could shelter myself from it.

Learning Curve, Bitch Magazine

February 16, 2008

suffering is optional

It’s obvious we are not going to finish with pain in this lifetime. The Buddha said, “Everything dear to us causes pain.”…Those of us who have chosen relational life have made the choice that the pain is worth it.

The Daily Dharma, tricycle: Pain is inevitable

February 15, 2008

a cruel and shallow money-trench

The name is a genteel hangover from another era, reeking of civility and respect, of Ahmet Ertegun in a spun-silk suit leafing through some sheet music with Ray Charles. The reality was somewhat different: a generation of twentysomethings blasted to the gills on cocaine, tearing around the world trying not to lose their jobs by doing something crazy. Like actually signing a band.

John Niven in the London Times on life as an A&R man in the '90s. Via The Contrarian.

"digging Ayler's violent squawks and celebratory cadences"

As a country singer approached a microphone near home plate to sing the national anthem, our jaws slackened as [Albert] Ayler’s sax purred the plaintive opening notes of “Spirits Rejoice,” which quickly becomes a tight, triumphant military-style march before disintegrating into crushing trumpet bleats by Albert’s brother Don. On the silent screen gigantic flags were unfurled, pyrotechnics exploded, a military flyover happened and Americans rejoiced while Ayler’s band evoked twin towers of war—pageantry and battle—masterfully, if psychotically.

An Ayler in My House

February 12, 2008

poem for democracy

Meditation / the cat rubs against me
the dog upstairs barks and barks
ambient hums of heating systems around me

Walking to vote, cold in my coat
woman waits for a bus
only her eyes are exposed

The electronic ballot taunts me
Kucinich still on the list
alas an illusion

Walking home after voting
stray pages of school reports scattered among roadside ivy

bluejay screech from tree branches

socked-in gray sky shares no secrets
I try to focus on breath
but worry about money

(cause I’ve got none)

February 6, 2008

modern primitive parenting

You want. You want. You want cookie. You say, ‘Cookie, now. Cookie now.’

Just in time for the baby boom, there’s a new Dr. Spock in town who will have parents 2.0 everywhere speaking Bamm-Bamm to their babies.