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December 29, 2006

"the exclamation point is becoming a class issue"

“Old people and children,” I point out, “get a free pass on fancy fonts.”
“And family,” Amy says.
“Right,” I say. Amy and I are on the same page here. My husband is staring at me. He disagrees?
“Why do you use so many ellipses?” he asks, as if finally getting the nerve to confront me on this matter.
I do?
“Yeah, you’ll write to tell me about the kids having soccer practice, and then you’ll end with a whole bunch of periods.”

Say It With Screamers!!!!! - washingtonpost.com

December 19, 2006

whole lotta love

Dave dropped the needle on the record, and the opening guitar/bass riff kicked us in the balls and poured motor oil on us and made us kiss the goat’s anus; then we got to the stop-time guitar solo and our eyes turned black and fell out, and we jumped off the overpass, and the color became sound, and the font became fury, and we microwaved the baby, and we saw Thor’s hammer forge Valhalla, and we are coming, we are coming, and it’s all for you Damian, hack splat, oh oh oh oh oh oh, - hey, I wonder whatever happened to Dave Marciano…

WFMU’s Scott W describes his first experience with Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.”

December 1, 2006


WFMU’s blog points to a one-of-a-kind Velvet Underground acetate up for bidding on eBay. Just 21 thou and a week to go — I could still have a crack at it.