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May 31, 2006

new linklater flix

So if the dystopian Scanner equals something like Life plus Dick, what do you get when you drop that tab after having choked down an order of Fast Food's Schlosser-plus-Slacker?

"Ooh," says Linklater excitedly. "You get a pretty creepy vision of our country right now." The nation's other frightening Texan, 45 going on 24, is sitting poolside at his trés chic Cannes hotel, comfortably clad in last year's National League Championship jersey and chuckling at the thought of his two line drives to the center of the corporate American void. "Scanner," he says, "is set 'seven years from now,' but that really means right now—the post– 9-11 world of surveillance. It's tragic on an individual level, whereas Fast Food is the tragedy of a system or a mind-set."

Richard Linklater talks with The Village Voice about his forthcoming films, Fast Food Nation and A Scanner Darkly.

May 15, 2006

happiness measured out in miles

Studio Tricks. This one's fun. Okay, let's start with the guitar solo from "I'm Only Sleeping." It's obviously been reversed, but that's not the whole story. George actually played the actual solo backwards, and then they flipped the tape for the master, making it a forward sounding lead break, but with just enough backwards sound to fit perfectly in one of John's droniest songs.

Wonderful post listing great Beatles moments. The best part is that I can think of so many more. What a band.

oh shit man it's all comin' back

The Criterion Collection edition of Dazed and Confused is due in June. Wiley Wiggins has posted some pics of his advance copy — it looks fantastic.

May 13, 2006


These findings are consistent with other studies that demonstrated increased thickness of music areas in the brains of musicians, and visual and motor areas in the brains of jugglers. In other words, the structure of an adult brain can change in response to repeated practice.

ScienceNewsDen.com: Meditation Found to Increase Brain Size

May 10, 2006

something about well enough alone

So now to balance everything out, we needed someone who could kill the Assassin, Terrorist, and the Ninja, but for some reason loses against the Bear, Cowboy and Judge.

Cowboy, Ninja, Bear!

May 5, 2006

exercises for lost souls

Radical Mutual-Improvement: Exercises for Lost Souls

May 3, 2006

book reviews

village voice > books > Daniel Pinchbeck's 2012: The Return of the Quetzalcoatl by Carla Blumenkranz

village voice > books > Book of Sketches; The Poem That Changed America: "Howl" Fifty Years Later by Theo Schell-Lambert

the road to On The Road

Lowell Sun Online - Kerouac film bid brings crew 'On the Road' to Lowell

We are not starting with preconceived concept of what it should be. We are talking to people about what they think it should and should not be.

Walter Salles, director of Frances Ford Coppola's "On The Road," is filming a documentary "in search of the feature film."

botched execution succeeds

It don’t work. It don’t work. It don’t work. It don’t work. It don’t work.

— Joseph Clark, as the state of Ohio tried to kill him by injecting poison into his bloodstream.

May 2, 2006


Weblogs not dead yet: An Entirely Other Day.