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August 16, 2005

Defend Cindy Sheehan!

For those keeping score at home, Cindy Sheehan is a "crazy," "anti-Semite" "peacenik" "kook." An "exploited," "left-wing moonbat" "crackpot" whose behavior borders on "treasonous" and is nothing more than one of the "hysterical noncombatants" camped outside Crawford, Texas. It's telling that when this story first broke, GOP pundits at least had the decency to preface their smears with obligatory nods to Sheehan's sacrifice. No more. It's war.

I don't think we've seen the right wing this collectively unhinged since the Florida recount, when the mere thought of four more years of Democratic rule drove even mild mannered pundits like George Will off the cliff. Back then it was Will who spotted Al Gore's "serial mendacity," "corrupting hunger for power," and a selfish attempt to create "post-election chaos" and "delegitimize the election."

Just like those nervous November days in Florida, before anyone knew the Supreme Court would step in and order the state to stop counting votes, partisan Republicans no doubt sense things slipping away today. When it comes to Bush's second term, the White House has entered Tom Petty territory—it's Free Fallin'. Think 1,854 U.S. casualties, $3.00 gas prices, grand jury testimony, Terry Schiavo, Social Security reform, 43 percent job approval rating.

And now think Cindy Sheehan.

From over at The Huffington Post.

The silence of the anti-war movement has been deafening. There hasn't been a national protest since the war started (unless you count the RNC protests as anti-war, which I don't.) That should change on 9/24, though it appears UFPJ and ANSWER are doing their sectarian thing and organizing separate marches. Again. But the demobilization of the anti-war movement is a tragedy.

Right now it's completely awesome that Cindy Sheehan is doing what she's doing. And it's completely terrible that at a time when 60 percent of people in this country oppose the war that it almost seems like Sheehan is standing alone. And it's completely terrible that the right-wing is going into full caricature mode on both Sheehan and the other military families and anti-war folks that have now joined the protest.

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August 12, 2005

how accidental and random life is

Think about these things, reader. Don't sigh and turn the page. Think that I have written them and you have read them, and the odds against either of us ever having existed are greater by far than one to all of the atoms in creation.

From Roger Ebert's review of Kieslowski's Red.

a mystery


in the same day? What happened?

August 11, 2005

Jim Dale

"Sometimes, you're able to create a very distinct voice . . . from just the pace of their speech," Dale says, eyes twinkling, his voice drifting into the cadence of south London. "Did you know. That Michael Caine. Can only speak. In three words. At one time.

Giving Voice to Harry Potter

No Tea For You!

Why No Tea and Sympathy?

It's amazing that the White House does not have the elementary shrewdness to have Mr. Bush simply walk down the driveway and hear the woman out, or invite her in for a cup of tea. But W., who has spent nearly 20 percent of his presidency at his ranch, is burrowed into his five-week vacation and two-hour daily workouts. He may be in great shape, but Iraq sure isn't.

It's hard to think of another president who lived in such meta-insulation. His rigidly controlled environment allows no chance encounters with anyone who disagrees. He never has to defend himself to anyone, and that is cognitively injurious. He's a populist who never meets people - an ordinary guy who clears brush, and brush is the only thing he talks to. Mr. Bush hails Texas as a place where he can return to his roots. But is he mixing it up there with anyone besides Vulcans, Pioneers and Rangers?

W.'s idea of consolation was to dispatch Stephen Hadley, the national security adviser, to talk to Ms. Sheehan, underscoring the inhumane humanitarianism of his foreign policy. Mr. Hadley is just a suit, one of the hard-line Unsweet Neo Cons who helped hype America into this war.

It's getting harder for the president to hide from the human consequences of his actions and to control human sentiment about the war by pulling a curtain over the 1,835 troops killed in Iraq; the more than 13,000 wounded, many shorn of limbs; and the number of slain Iraqi civilians - perhaps 25,000, or perhaps double or triple that. More people with impeccable credentials are coming forward to serve as a countervailing moral authority to challenge Mr. Bush.

August 10, 2005

Blog Depression

a nonist public service pamphlet

what we turn our attention to now, however, is the more insidious, prolonged strain of dissatisfaction which stays with a blogger, right below the surface, throughout a blog’s lifetime. the diligent and self aware blogger can resist this destructive undercurrent, make changes, adapt, rationalize, but for many, untreated, it can cause much needless suffering in the form of full fledged blog depression.

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