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May 12, 2005

on the subject of Phil Collins

The onset of one's 30s does not necessitate a blanket disregard of new music; that would be self-defeating and a bit weird. Indeed, this is a fecund time for what was once touchingly known as "indie", with Trail Of Dead, Art Brut, Bloc Party and the Rapture all doing fine things with the gifts the good Lord has bestowed upon them. Yet the appeal of such music is so intrinsically linked to youth - it's about possibility, about arrogance, about contempt for authority and middle-aged men in denim gilets - that to be really into it beyond one's 20s demonstrates a fundamental lack of self-awareness. It is, in other words, time to move on.

Guardian | ... But seriously

May 9, 2005

Missing white female alert

Chicago Tribune | Missing white female alert

Continual focus on, and reporting of, missing, young, attractive white women is a televised slap in the face to minority mothers and parents the nation over who search for their own missing children with little or no assistance or notice from anyone.

May 6, 2005


The Americans who fell in Normandy in 1941 were tall fellows measuring 173 cm. on average, and if they were laid head to foot they would measure 38 kilometres in total. The Germans were tall fellows too, while tallest of all were the Senegalese fusiliers in World War I who measured 176 cm. so they were sent into battle in the first ranks in order to scare the Germans. It was said of the First World War that people in it fell like seeds and the Russian Communists later calculated how much fertiliser a square kilometre of corpses would yield and how much they would save on expensive foreign fertilisers if they used the corpses of traitors and criminals for manure.

Based on the excerpt in this month's Harper's (the above is a longer version (PDF) of the same excerpt), Patrik Ourednik's Europeana. A Brief History of the Twentieth Century is an engrossing, wide-ranging and idiosyncratic retelling of recent history. I look forward to reading the whole thing.

May 5, 2005

people with jobs are really, really busy

About Six Apart - Mena's Corner: I take the bait

I could write about how women are represented in our tools or in Six Apart itself. I could write a 2,000 word essay on how more and more young women are coming online via tools like LiveJournal. Or how the booming population of cooking, knitting and family weblogs have resulted in many new communities with a dominant female presence, across all three of our platforms.

I hope she does!

raymi rocks

Raymi's blog is among the best. Somehow it reminds me of Lynda Barry (is she working on another book?). Tell me about the others that are as good.

turns out i can play the drums afterall and our band is called the jamaican beef patties and we are amazing and sometimes we wear masks when we play, you know the one from SCREAM, yes, that one. and we only take breaks to watch the dogs hump each other. two big and black and hairy cavemen who can't speak. but then i get bored of playing the same beat over and over again so i try and do something else and i get yelled at 'cos it was finally the "bridge" and i turned into a selfish drum nazi.

May 3, 2005

we are one

Ladies and gentlemen, do not be alarmed. That is my dog, Spot. He is the bus dog. We go back a long way. Spot keeps me sane. When I am sad and lonely, he talks to me, telepathically. We are one. Thank you.

N.Y. to D.C. On the Quirky Express is Marc Fisher's account of riding the Chinatown bus.

May 2, 2005

modify the modifier keys

Daring Fireball: Tiger Details
Modify the Modifier Keys: In the Keyboard section of the Keyboard & Mouse panel in System Preferences, there’s a new "Modifier Keys" button. Click it and you get a dialog box where you can change the meaning of any of the modifier keys, including the Caps Lock key.