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Where are the chee-tohs?

NPR : Dungeons and Dragons Turns 30

Anyone who thinks that Dungeons and Dragons has been consigned to the scrapheap of 1980s relics, right next to Pac-Man and leg warmers, would be surprised by what happens every Thursday night in Peter Girvan’s apartment in the Bronx.

For the past two years, Girvan and four friends—all professionals in their 30s—have been getting together every Thursday to play D and D—sitting around a table with inch-high plastic figures, rolling odd dice and saying things in the odd, imagined voices of their characters.


I want to start a Call of Cthulhu gaming night.

Also, Ms. PacMan is one of my favorite video games, and you can still find it in a lot of places.

There's a diner just around the corner from me with Ms PacMan and a bunch of other games, and I think at least one other place down Amsterdam has it as well. The low W80s rock so hard.

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