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January 31, 2003

war is peace, freedom is slavery, etc.

Do you have an SOS chapter on your campus?

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psychological bombs

Leave it to the Bush administration to spin a plan calling for dropping more bombs in Baghdad in one day than were used in the entire first Gulf War as a "psychological" attack.

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January 28, 2003

robbing the poor to pay for the Bush tax cut

Bill collectors called the Sanchez house constantly, demanding $25,700 for an earlier emergency-room visit and gallbladder surgery. That's more than four times what the hospital would charge a patient with private insurance for the same procedure.

Uninsured pay higher price.

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January 27, 2003

frauding in rhythm and sorrow

"They have a communication system that rivals the CIA," Borg said.
Don't mess with Bjork fans.

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You drive me crazy ... I just can't sleep

From BBC News

A Spanish art historian has found evidence that suggests some Civil War jail cells were built like 3-D modern art paintings in order to torture prisoners.

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sanctity of life

In the Times profile, John Leland commented that Rees’ characters "flaunted baser instincts" while "the nation put forward its higher virtues." Rees himself, in characteristically polite fashion, begs to differ. "John Leland was a perfectly nice guy and I’m glad that he wrote an article about me. I think what happened was, he was a fan but he writes for the style section, so his piece has to be a style piece. The article did not really touch on the political side to the strip. I started making the strip for a very particular reason, which is that it enraged me that nobody was mentioning the fact that we might be, by our bombing campaign, indirectly leading to mass starvation of thousands of innocent Afghans. That didn’t really make it into the New York Times piece or the Newsweek piece."

David Rees gets interviewed again by the New York Press.
Oh, and by the way, page 18 is up.

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January 26, 2003

For the millions of people

For the millions of people in this country who do not know that it was Britain which drew the borders of Iraq and has never ceased playing a significant role there, the book could be an eye-opener.

At least it would strip away the moral indignation which distorts the current debate. Britain and the US have not only acted to thwart democracy throughout most of Iraq's short history as a modern state. They have consistently turned a blind eye to or encouraged crime and terrorism, most recently in 1994 and 1995 when Abu Amneh, a terrorist on the Central Intelligence Agency payroll, took part in a bombing campaign which aimed at destabilising the regime and killed more than a hundred people sitting innocently in a Baghdad cafe, a cinema and a mosque.

Jonathan Steele surveys the build-up of books on Iraq in yesterday's Guardian.

January 25, 2003

go man, go!

I'll post 150 updates in a day (for my purposes, from 12:01 a.m. PST Tuesday, January 21, 2003 to 12:01 a.m. PST Wednesday, January 22, 2003) to this entry, playing along by bolding the entries' numbers (like so: [#1], [#2] and so on), typing at least two sentences per update and resorting to lists and other content-producing gimmicks on an as-needed basis.
George's amazing feat: A buck-fifty on the blog-hand side, Parts One and Two.

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on marijuana

If you want to know what marijuana is like, ask your co-workers. Or your neighbors. Or fellow PTA members. You won't be hard-pressed to find someone who knows.
Seven stories about one flower in last week's Cincinnati CityBeat.

January 24, 2003

in the grand tradition of dayku

By now the poetic groove was really cooking. Harold and Andrew were just riffing on the whole vibe.

"Whoa, the oil is very viscous," wailed Andrew.

"Yeah, our politics is Robert Fiskous," Harold responded.

Stanza to reason.

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this time with feeling

Fresh from the J18 ANSWER mass mobilizations in D.C. and San Francisco, is everyone ready to do it again for United for Peace and Justice's February 15 rallies in New York City and San Francisco?

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stupor bowl

Arab-American groups estimated at least 36 people have been detained -- mostly Middle Eastern and Latino workers who were security guards or concession workers at the stadium. Foreign-born taxi and bus drivers have also been arrested. The San Diego Union Tribune quoted sources as saying 80 people were being held.

Super racism at the Super Bowl.

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he can banish even their thoughts into a black hole

Condoleezza Rice: The Devil's Handmaiden by The Black Commentator; Bush's alien views on affirmative action by Derrick Z. Jackson.

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January 23, 2003

support your local suicide girls

There’s something that punk porn sites are pushing besides pictures, and it’s what really makes the kids sign on: like any other porn, they’re selling fantasy. And in this case, it’s the fantasy of reality.
OC Weekly on porn punks. Also, Shoe talk with Drunk Horse, by Alison M. Rosen.

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oh mary! not another war in iraq!

While it’s safe to say the demonstrations here and in the capital had zero effect on the White House and big media’s drooling class of pundits, protests against the pending incineration of Iraq are growing. And they are growing at a rate that required years, not months, during the Vietnam War.
Who Would Jesus Bomb? by Steven Mikulan. Also, BP: The long (cold) march.

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stephen johnson on game demos

Stephen Johnson on game demos

on conscription

"Congress, which voted overwhelmingly to support Bush's war, includes only one member who has a child in the enlisted ranks of the armed services." It is, of course, a trial balloon but nonetheless terrifying and impossible to ignore: Is the US going to have a military draft? How does the US Draft work, anyway?

on systems

Thou shalt not distort, delay, or sequester information.
You can drive a system crazy by muddying its information streams. You can make a system work better with surprising ease if you can give it more timely, accurate, and complete information.
Whole Earth: Dancing with Systems: what to do when systems resist change.

January 22, 2003

the movement still needs us

Swiller tells the story of an abortion provider who, as she was preparing to perform an abortion, heard her patient call her a "baby killer." "She said, 'Excuse me? Are you sure you want to go through with this?' and then recognized her as one of the regular picketers. And the woman said, 'Well, I'm different. I'm married, I have two kids, and I had an affair, and my husband would kill me if he found out.' The point is that abortion is such a personal thing, it's hard to imagine yourself needing it until you're in those shoes."
Tough Roe to Hoe: Who will fight the next battle for choice? by Judith Lewis

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January 20, 2003

leeches are not rodents

We should all take a nice long look at the Big Game on Sunday in San Diego -- because it may be the last one we'll see for a while, at least until the War ends ... Ho ho. That is a nasty thought, as thoughts go, but it is the melancholy truth. Certainly it will be the last peacetime Super Bowl for another five years, maybe more ... But by then we will all be wearing uniforms, of one kind or another, and only the "Trusted Travelers" among us will be allowed to come and go as we please -- within reasonable military limits, of course, as long as we don't make waves and never gather in groups of more than three, and don't spit.
The last Super Bowl by Hunter S. Thompson.

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silence is betrayal

May our country, on the brink of war, take to heart the final refrain of America, the Beautiful: "America! America! God mend thine ev'ry flaw, confirm thy soul in self-control, thy liberty in law."

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where do we stand on this one?

If indeed Mr. O’Neal’s statement was meant to be a non-racial attempt at humor, his joke could be directed toward any NBA player while achieving the same humorous effect. For example, ‘Tell Dirk Nowitzki, ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh’, or ‘Tell Pau Gasol, ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh’, or even ‘Tell Dikembe Mutombo, ching-chong-yang-wah-ah-soh."

I shouldn't find this petition funny, but I do. Would I laugh if Shaq were white?

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January 19, 2003

signs of life

Today's Washington Post played the protests on the front page. Woo hoo.

seven continents united

Human peace sign in Antarctica.

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j18 - central paris

"The lives of our children are worth more than your dirty wars".

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rip Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Weep over my corpse, if you can weep tears of wine.
Sigh dejectedly for me, if you are intoxicated and carefree.
Bear me on your shoulders, if you stumble drunkenly along.
Cremate me on that land, where there once was a tavern.
Thousands mourn poet Bachchan.

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report from dc

"This is your destiny. You were born to be here. You were born to reclaim this land. You will not abandon it. You were born to take this country back. You not only will stop this war, but you will change the priorities of this nation and return it to the people. You will do this because it is your sacred responsibility as Americans, and as citizens of the world."

- Ron Kovic, 18 Jan 2003

CP: More than 100,000 march for peace.
BG: Rallies around globe press for peace.

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January 18, 2003

west coast walk

San Francisco: Pics of today's huge demo.

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ooh, schoolgirls!

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walking papers

Draft Impeachment Resolution Against President George W. Bush by Prof. Francis Boyle, University of Illinois School of Law.

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January 17, 2003

bush slaps your sanctity

Dubya actually said it. He actually went so far as to pledge his administration's commitment to "build a culture that respects life," saying this with a straight face, no violent lightning bolt striking him dead on the spot, no gnarled filthy hell-beasts reaching with clawed fingers up from the ground and dragging him under, isn't that just the sweetest thing and don't you just feel the sentiment deep in your heart? Or perhaps your colon?
Mark Morford, Oppress your daughters and slaughter some evildoers, it's (another) National Sanctity of Life Day.

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bagdad, ca

"I believe Bush is an oedipal fool who is generating this war for oil and who will end up making the whole world hate us," said Dan Bright, 36.
Guardian: We don't want a war either, says Bagdad, California.

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that's whatcha get from a network beholden to the crazy batshit warmongers!

Let's be clear. These were not 'chemical warheads.' In the Iraqi arsenal, a warhead is a warhead - an empty ordnance space strapped to a missile. What matters is the payload, be it explosive or chemical or nuclear. The item placed in the warhead denotes the designation. These warheads were stone-cold empty, so by definition they are not 'chemical warheads.'

William Rivers Pitt helps CNN with its facts.

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in the capital of the land of free speech

Ramsey shuffled against his makeshift cane down Pennsylvania Avenue. He took his time, turning back once to see that everything was quiet. On this day, downtown was his living room, where cops could double-park, set out rolls of police tape, form pop-up police lines, and arrest 400 people without dirtying a uniform.
Washington City Paper's Boss Hogtie.

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January 16, 2003

less is more, war is peace

"The fact that the inspectors have not yet come up with new evidence of Iraq's WMD program could be evidence, in and of itself, of Iraq's noncooperation."
Fark: Rumsfeld is a batshit crazy warmonger.

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January 15, 2003

you catch yourself thinking, "hi, mom!"

Even seated in folding chairs, like glamorously evil talk show hosts, they ooze authority and control. An imposing duo, they present a contrast in opposites, and work well together. Belladonna is a sultry brunette with piercing eyes; Strix a pale, removed ice queen. Both look every inch the dominatrix, even without the cliché uniform of corsets, fishnets and spike-heeled boots.
Pleasant Gehman, Bondage 101.

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is that why the page is black?

Disney wins, Eldred (and everyone else) loses.

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The Portable Sixties Reader

Charters' anthology may be the first book about the Sixties that hasn't made me want to braid my hair, paint peace signs on my cheeks, and go stick a daisy in the barrel of a gun. It is, unlike many of its counterparts, a grown-up book. Wiser. Wryer. No longer the cherubic student activist clutching a tiny photo of Che Guevara. This book is 30 years past any sort of giddy optimism. This book is my dad. Get him talking about the Sixties and I don't care how many times you've read "Be Here Now," you will start to feel disillusioned.
The Oregonian: Steal this book! Kerouac scholar Ann Charters has a new book. Google knows about a few other reviews.

good times, for a change

Dumbledore lowered his hands and surveyed Harry through his half-moon glasses. 'It is time,' he said, 'for me to tell you what I should have told you five years ago, Harry.

'Please sit down. I am going to tell you everything.'
One-third longer than the 4th book in the series, the long-awaited Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be released on June 21 "in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and in English in many other countries around the world."

Making us pay for their messes

United Airlines' flight attendants are trying to block the company's plan to spend as much as $95 million to retain top officers and managers during bankruptcy.

In a filing last month, United said the incentives are critical to its success and will cost less than the damage the company would suffer if key employees departed during Chapter 11 reorganization.


United has given its unions until March 15 to agree to long-term pay reductions totaling $2.4 billion a year. The unions also have either agreed to or been forced to accept interim cuts of 9 percent to 29 percent. Executives and other salaried workers have accepted pay cuts of up to 11 percent.

Maybe they shouldn't complain. At least they aren't getting run over by cop cars during a picket.

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January 14, 2003

israel won't let us reform

Yes, Palestinians are expected to reform, but no, we are not supposed to succeed at it. The truth is that Israel's purported interest in reform is merely an attempt to divert the world's attention from the crux of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Israel's 35-year occupation of Palestinian territory and the denial of Palestinian freedom.

Never mind the occupation. Never mind the assassinations, the home demolitions, the continuing theft of Palestinian land and water resources and the "curfews" under which entire populations are held hostage in their homes by the threat of a bullet should they go in search of food or medicine. Never mind the sadistic Israeli soldiers ordering civilians at gunpoint to strip naked or to beat their friends or to pick their fate from a "lottery" with tickets labeled "broken arm" or "broken leg." None of this is relevant to Middle East peace, goes the new Israeli narrative. All that is relevant is that the Palestinians reform their political institutions.

Yasser Abed Rabbo in today's Washington Post.

j11 photos

There was a big-ass anti-war demo in L.A. on Saturday.

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'if we sat at the same table, fights might break out'

Mr. Frayn is playing all the angles. "The ideal resolution would be if Claire won it," he said. "Then I'd feel rather noble, and she'd feel rather bad and rather guilty. It would give me a tremendous moral advantage for the rest of our lives. Whenever we argued, I could say, `I behaved so well over the Whitbread.' "
NYT: Wife and husband compete for British book prize.

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rooting out *that* stuff


Join us in challenging rogue states run by military fanatics who produce and conceal weapons of mass destruction.

Rooting Out Evil is sending a weapons inspection team to the United States to inspect the chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons produced and concealed by the Bush regime.
Rooting Out Evil, via Yo Mama.

Ne buvez plus idiot, buvez activé

Mecca Cola (site in French and Arabic) is the only Cola which donates 10% of its profits to Palestinian charities and another 10% to European causes. BBC article on the 'buy Muslim' brand here.

January 13, 2003

help save the horses

From, a friend:

"I just got off the last of many phone calls about a crisis in Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management is planning to round up some 800-1,000 horses (so far 808 have been counted, but that's probably a little short) belonging to the Western Shoshone tribe, which are supposedly being grazed on public lands without a permit."

"Whatever horses are bought ($50/head) by equine rescue groups by this
Friday, Jan. 7, will be set aside; the rest will slaughtered."

The United Equine Foundation is coordinating the rescue effort. All donations are tax deductible.

National Geographic has a news piece on the horses.

Pass it on.

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"i will not wait on events, while dangers gather."

The administration has embarked on something "quite extraordinary in American history, a preventive war, and the threshold for justification should be extraordinarily high," said G. John Ikenberry, an international relations professor at Georgetown University. But "the external presentation and the justification for it really seems to be lacking," he said.
I'll say. WP: U.S. decision on Iraq has puzzling past.

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not exactly scientific but ...

Time magazine asks which country is the biggest threat to world peace in 2003, and the online community's answer is ....

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January 12, 2003

small gestures of public devotion

Naked war protest in Marin.

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boards of seattle

Bulletin boards are choked with offers to watch your house, your pet, your kids, your shrubs. People are willing to cook your meals, haul off your junk, clean your eaves, repair anything you need, wire your computer. Some hold fine-print résumés, bold-faced headlines and clever hooks. But I was drawn to Alan's simple, straightforward offer to live in my house.
Chaos & clarity by Richard Seven.

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if I'm not here, look for me...

  1. Google News
  2. boing boing
  3. Mac Net Journal

January 11, 2003

break out the kentucky bourbon

The Oxford American lives -- and the latest issue is out.

who's next?

Because the Illinois death penalty system is arbitrary and capricious — and therefore immoral — I no longer shall tinker with the machinery of death.
Illinois Gov. George Ryan emptied the state's Death Row today, commuting 156 death sentences.

1.5 million children have a parent in prison

Suddenly Nina brightened. It was as if she grasped that her father couldn't tolerate the view of himself that her panic reflected. ''Wanna hear a song?'' Nina asked. Toney squinted, as if he had suddenly recognized her voice from far away. Then she sang. Her father was smitten by her performance until she said, ''That's Che Che's daddy's song,'' referring to the father of her half-sister, and puncturing the moment. Toney looked away stonily. Toney often smarted at reminders of Lolli's infidelity, but solitary confinement magnified his need for a reliable family.
Prison is a member of their family by Adrian Nicole LeBlanc.

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no one sees porn stars as victims

There are no condoms on the set. There's no toilet paper in the bathroom. The performers brought boxes of baby wipes. Soiled sheets litter the ground, creating a trail to the bed. For more than two hours, Taylor and Rain engage in unprotected sexual acts with a male performer. During a break, Rain asks director Thomas Zupko for her co-workers' HIV tests. Handed a stack of papers, she flips through the documents. One is missing--Taylor's. Rain asks repeatedly for her paperwork, but she balks. "I don't have [expletive] AIDS," Taylor finally says. "I am not [having sex with] you."
Gritty LAT feature on the health consequences of an unregulated porn industry.

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Ka`a uila mâkêneki, hô`onioni kou kino

Kokua Line: What does ‘Pu in Sai’ really mean?

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bomb and bomb and kill and kill and shrug

You cannot have a war when the so-called enemy has done nothing to provoke you and is absolutely no threat to your national safety and has no significant military force and has negligible chance of even setting off a firecracker near your own overwhelming death machines, and whose only weapons of minimal destruction are the rusty short-range warheads and biochemical agents we sold him 20 years ago, and kept selling to him, even after we knew he was gassing his own people.
Happy Imbeciles At War by Mark Morford.

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come a long way baby

When boys sneer at a girl who won’t join in sex games on the back seat of the school bus, and call her frigid, it hurts; she wonders whether her revulsion means that something might be wrong with her. A woman who begins to dislike the sex on offer within an adult relationship, which may well be lukewarm and mechanical, and is told that the problem is hers and that it is called FSD, is being manipulated in the same way. The difference is that this pseudo-medical concern is presented to her as pro-feminist, caring, empowering, and all that jazz.
Germaine Greer, A woman's duty is not only to have the sex she doesn't really want, but to enjoy it.

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January 10, 2003

Stimulus package or just a reverse Robin Hood?

The jobless population represents a cross-section of America in terms of race, gender, age, nationality, religion, occupation and other attributes, with one common need: a decent job. It is larger than that of more than 40 States and nearly all of our nation's cities. It could jam-pack at least 300 sports arenas, and there are enough of them to line up on the side of a national superhighway from New York to San Francisco, standing a yard apart and nearly two deep. They could make plenty of noise and terrify politicians if they were organized.

Will Bush's huge tax cuts create jobs? Also, turns out that "extension" of federal employment was not what it seemed. It's not an additional 13 weeks of benefits, as I'm sure most people thought. It simply extended the program until May 31, but only affects "Unemployed people who had federal jobless benefits cut off Dec. 28 and those who haven't yet applied for the 13 weeks of federal aid."

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bhopal poison: return to dow

Ten Greenpeace activists, including John Passacantando, executive director of Greenpeace in the United States, and Rashida Bi, leader of the Bhopal Gas Victim Women's Union, unloaded 250 kilograms of the waste. Three activists abseiled down the Dow Benelux building and hung eight huge photographs depicting Bhopal and a banner which called on Dow to clean up Bhopal.
Greenpeace gives Dow Chemical taste of Bhopal waste. c.f. Bhopal bloopers: how Dow and Burson-Marsteller made a big stink even stinkier.

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Free the Death Row 10!

But the participant in the clemency process, as well as lawyers for some of the men to be pardoned, confirmed tonight that Governor Ryan planned to exonerate Madison Hobley, Stanley Howard, Leroy Orange and Aaron Patterson, who together have served nearly 40 years in prison. All but Mr. Howard, who was convicted of other crimes, are expected to be released soon.
Four of the Death Row 10 are going home.

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here, queer, packing

"There are so many issues facing the gay community I don’t think a gun club is the answer or is even something that automatically gives us respect," says longtime local gay activist Randy Pesqueira. "I don’t think you necessarily project strength with a gun. In a way, you lose something; you’re becoming like the fanatics who hate you." Then he paused and continued, "That being said, I absolutely understand where this is coming from. I mean, myself, part of me has always fantasized about gays having this really cool vigilante group that would take care of all of our enemies."
OCW on the Pink Pistols.

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January 9, 2003

mistakes were made

Murphy had been sought since the body of 7-year-old Faheem Williams was discovered Sunday, a day after his twin and a younger brother were found emaciated in the basement of a Newark row house. Authorities said the two survivors hadn't eaten in days.

Woman in N.J. child abuse case caught

originally posted by tragicM

savage urban vehicles?

"Armed with such research, automakers have, over the past decade, ramped up their SUV designs to appeal even more to the "reptilian" instincts of the many Americans who are attracted to SUVs not because of their perceived safety, but for their obvious aggressiveness. Automakers have intentionally designed the latest models to resemble ferocious animals. The Dodge Durango, for instance, was built to resemble a savage jungle cat, with vertical bars across the grille to represent teeth and big jaw-like fenders."

The bigger the SUV, the bigger the asshole.

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lesbian in the locker room

My mom wrote to Courtney Joslin at the National Center for Lesbian Rights and told her the story. She told us to look in the handbook, and we did. And then she took it to the ACLU. That’s how the lawsuit got started.
Judith Lewis interviews Ashly Massey (and her mom).

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poet laureate joins doubters

CAUSA BELLI by Andrew Motion

They read good books, and quote, but never learn
a language other than the scream of rocket-burn.
Our straighter talk is drowned but ironclad:
elections, money, empire, oil and Dad.

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January 7, 2003

like two separate countries

Dude, where's my California?

originally posted by daiichi

line of fire

Wanna stop the war? There's a whole slew of people getting ready to go to Iraq to act as human shields.

originally posted by zagg

liberal media bias?

Norman Solomon's 2002 P.U.-litzer Prizes. And Project Censored's top 25 Censored Stories of 2001-2002.

originally posted by zagg

does this mean that Bush's eye is lidless and wreathed in flame?

First go vegan pointed out that Gandalf is anti-death penalty, now the actor playing Aragorn in the Lord of the Ring movies has come out against the U.S.'s pending war on Iraq, comparing the U.S. to Mordor.

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January 6, 2003

Lies, damned lies ...

George Bush AKA "No-this-tax-cut-on-stock-dividends-is-for-everyone!" vs. Edward N. Wolff, for one, AKA "While-about-half-of-U.S.-households-own-stock-the-top-10%-owns-almost-80%-of-it!"

Or, Ari Fleischer, rolling out statistics suggesting it is "focused on the majority of the American people who are the middle class." vs.
Michael Zweig, who says, "based on U.S. Department of Labor reports, in 1996 sixty two percent of the labor force was in the working class."

In other words, Bush finds the time and initiative to push through another tax cut for his friends, while leaving nearly a million people out in the cold.

originally posted by zagg

a tree falls in the forest ...

So if the government stops tracking layoffs does that mean no one loses their job?

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January 5, 2003

double secret no-fly list

Questions about how one gets on a no-fly list creates questions about how to get off it. This is a classic Catch-22 situation. The TSA says it compiles the list from names provided by other agencies, but it has no procedure for correcting a problem. Aggrieved parties would have to go to the agency that first reported their names. But for security reasons, the TSA won't disclose which agency put someone on the no-fly list.
Intervention, Blacklist Grounds American Passengers.

originally posted by xowie

applied biotecture

The most striking part of the structure is a tilted wall of windows -- to be installed later this month -- measuring roughly four metres by 10 and facing south. Below the windows will be a wide planter that serves as an indoor garden. It will be irrigated from water from the laundry room. The kitchen and living area, in particular, will be like a liveable greenhouse. "It's supposed to be like a ship, designed to supply your every need, including food," said Lefebvre.
'Earthship' dream home made of 800 old tires and dirt.

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January 4, 2003

death to the death penalty

It took about a month after police arrested two people in the Washington, D.C.-area sniper killings for one of their lawyers to ask the Washington and Lee University Law School professor and his students for help. Groot was at the state Capital Defense Workshop in November when Northern Virginia lawyer Michael Arif approached him. Arif, who represents 17-year-old sniper suspect John Lee Malvo on a capital murder charge in Fairfax County, asked if Groot and his student-staffed Virginia Capital Case Clearinghouse would join the defense team.

Sniper defense team seeks help from W&L law school professor

January 3, 2003

on shopping for a cell phone

It's really hard to pick a cell phone and a service, as I don't have to tell you. All I have to offer on the topic are these couple of sites, the most helpful that I've found: the WirelessAdvisor.com forums and CNET's Editors' Wireless Top 5s. I hear Verizon is the only provider who has service on the DC Metro -- that's as good a reason as any, I think.

hell no

"But some of the most decisive factors are out of the activists' hands. 'Most of the opposition is to a unilateral, pre-emptive war,' says Cavanagh. 'If there's a clear-cut provocation by Iraq and strong international backing, all of that evaporates.' The more likely scenario, according to IPS experts, is a feeble excuse for war, trumped up by the Administration, and lukewarm international backing, with a couple of abstentions or even no votes on the UN Security Council. That result would provide a real challenge for the antiwar movement: to quickly educate against what Wing calls 'the big-time propaganda machine that will fall into place' and win the public debate about what constitutes a legitimate war. But the movement would likely be aided by broad popular opposition in Europe and the Muslim world.
"It would be a moment fraught with danger--of escalating anti-American terrorism, especially--but also opportunity."

The Nation on the state of the antiwar movement.

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chaining the alternative press

"There's a terrible irony in the John Ashcroft Justice Department investigating the alternative press when, in fact, they have allowed far larger corporate entities to get away with transactions that have certainly raised a lot more antitrust issues than the LA Weekly-New Times deal has, and which had far greater effect on society...I don't think it's too paranoid to say that they're looking into the alternative press for political reasons."
SFBG: Justice pursues New Times-VVM inquiry.

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'I have decided not to run for president during the elections of 2004'

At cheesedip.com: many links re Philippine president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's recent decision not to run for re-election. Also: blowing up the big Marcos head.

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January 2, 2003

...yet it's not real, is it?

If we're already seeing such dramatic changes . . . it's really pretty frightening to think what we might see in the next 100 years.
Global warming is displacing species and changing their behaviors at an alarming rate.

finnish prisons: no gates or armed guards

Thirty years ago, Finland had a rigid model, inherited from neighboring Russia, and one of the highest rates of imprisonment in Europe. But then academics provoked a thoroughgoing rethinking of penal policy, with their argument that it ought to reflect the region's liberal theories of social organization.

"Finnish criminal policy is exceptionally expert-oriented," said Tapio Lappi-Seppala, director of the National Research Institute of Legal Policy. "We believe in the moral-creating and value-shaping effect of punishment instead of punishment as retribution."

Laid-back penal policies and other minimalist approaches to fighting crime work just fine for Finland.

pot law invalid

Marijuana possession is lawful in Canada, maybe.

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the angels didn't write this shit!

Rees has no illusions about the strip's importance; in fact, he almost gave it up altogether after the summer, but started again when the Bush administration made the staggeringly vulgar decision to hire Henry Kissinger to investigate the events of September 11. "When that happened," Rees recalled, "I sat down and said to myself, 'Okay, let's see if I've still got it.'" He did: "Does Bush even know who these motherfuckers are?" asks one of the strip's generic office workers while talking on the phone. "Didn't he get suspicious when he saw Kissinger and John Poindexter licking the blood off each other's hands?"
The accidental artist, or, how to succeed in comics without really trying by Judith Lewis.

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January 1, 2003

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"As a working-class guy I kind of accepted long ago that I wasn't going to make a fortune or anything like that. What I figured was that if I worked hard, if I became a cop or I joined the phone company or something like that, at least I would have a regular working-class or middle-class life. At least you'd make your 50 grand or 55 grand a year. The government would take out your taxes, but you'd have something left over."
Bob Herbert: Out the Door.