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April 30, 2001

"He's Dick Cheney's Dick Cheney."Vice

"He's Dick Cheney's Dick Cheney."
Vice presidential advisor Mary Matalin on vice presidential aide Irv "Scooter" Lewis Libby. Via the inestimable World New York.



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FTAA Diary is a 48-page

FTAA Diary is a 48-page zine (available for download in pdf format) chronicling the experiences of folks who protested in Quebec. Illustrated with powerful black and white photos, the narratives personalize the events like no journalism could hope to.

Scientists say that 1 percent

Scientists say that 1 percent of the static picked up on a home TV antenna is the echo of the Big Bang approximately 15 billion years ago.
Washington Post: Calculating Contents of [the] Cosmos.

April 29, 2001

The Guardian Weblog is carrying

The Guardian Weblog is carrying a special May Day edition offering "analysis from the corporate and alternative media around the web" on expected May 1 "anti-capitalist" protests and on the broader protest movement. Meanwhile, across town... Apple is expected to announce everything from world peace to OS X on X86 at the May 1 "Apple event", so keep your eyes on randomWalks (or any of a dozen better Mac news sources) to see what the big deal was.

April 27, 2001

Students at Princeton, Harvard,

Students at Princeton, Harvard, Brown and other schools have staged protests this spring to rally support for better treatment of workers. But in contrast to years past, the workers they have in mind are not in South Africa or third-world sweatshops — they are right on campus.

April 25, 2001

World Conference Against Racism, Racial

World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance

Durban, South Africa

31 August - 7 September 2001

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April 24, 2001

As for those who were

As for those who were not there and who have criticisms about the violence, I only have this to say: We were there to do a job, and that job was to stop or disrupt the summit by any means necessary.This was a meeting where the lives and futures of everyone in north and south america are being sold down the river wholesale -- what was done in Quebec City was an act of collective self defense. There is no room for discussion and there is no room for debate on that, in my opinion. I certainly haven't the slightest interest in debating it. If you *were* there and you saw the viciousness and brutality of the police and you think the response was anything but appropriate, I have nothing to say to you.


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"American Indian" Sports Team

Thanks, cousin Sandra.

April 23, 2001

"[Along Came a Spider] represents

"[Along Came a Spider] represents Paramount's single-minded focus on the moneyed exploitation picture, that studio's bread and butter, with tributes to the ridiculous like ‘The General's Daughter,' ‘Double Jeopardy' and ‘Kiss the Girls.' Not only has the studio whittled these movies down to haiku, but it's also a haiku with just two lines."

I don't think much of Elvis Mitchell from the New York Times, but he may have no equal when it comes to panning movies. I love that.

Fairfax, VA is one big

Fairfax, VA is one big dollar $ign. It ranks #1 in median income by county for
1989, 1997, and 1999. Recently, the Washington Post reported that

Half of Fairfax's households earned more than $90,937 annually in 2000, half less -- making Fairfax the first jurisdiction in the country to breach the $90,000 threshold, according to an analysis by Claritas Inc., a marketing information firm.

and according to an article from 1999,

About one of every eight Fairfax households has accumulated a net worth of
more than $500,000...


‘The spatial practice of a

‘The spatial practice of a society is revealed through the deciphering of its space.’
-Henri Lefebvre ‘plan of the Present Work’ and ‘Social Space’ from the Production of Space

maybe this heat will warm the cold hearts of our should be lovers

Dr. Menlo - best Quebec/FTAA

Dr. Menlo - best Quebec/FTAA coverage.

Romenesko, it should be considered,

Romenesko, it should be considered, is a group blog disguised as a one-man blog. He is considered an important meta-media entity by journalists, so they send him tips; plus, he is paid to thoroughly read all the periodicals like the NYT that we all depend on blogs to cull through for us. Not to diminish what he does in any way; just be aware that it's what can be done with underwriting and sources.
MetaTalk: dhartung on obscurestore.com.

I've spent most of my

I've spent most of my life in a town which owes its existence to an earlier incarnation of capitalism. The main square in Middlesbrough is a case in point: on the one side is a public library, endowed by Andrew Carnegie; alongside it are statues of Bolckow and Vaughan, the two ironmasters who brought industry and prosperity to the town in the late 1800s. They were entrepreneurs first, not philanthropists, but they invested in their workforce. I can't imagine there are many places in SE Asia graced by Nike subcontractors that will erect statues of Phil Knight.
Pooh-pooh Metafilter though you may, I'll wager they've got the most illuminating discussion about globalization the English-speaking Internet has yet seen going on over there. It starts to get really good right around here but feel free to hit that 'home' key on your keyboard. Update: The saga continues.

This is what rubber bullets

This is what rubber bullets look like.

For "Passengers", John Schabel used

For "Passengers", John Schabel used a telephoto lens to capture people framed by airplane windows waiting to depart. (I saw this on a great arts show called "egg" that was recently picked up by PBS.)

April 21, 2001

Steve-o's Grand Adventure includes an

Steve-o's Grand Adventure includes an account of sneaking into Hobbiton USA complete with pictures.

George Will should rent a

George Will should rent a Nissan Pathfinder and remove the bulb from the rear tail light. The next step would be to install a hidden video camera in the rear seat. Then he and a black friend should take turns driving the vehicle around the D.C. area. Afterward, Will can veiw the results and write a column on whether or not he would mind trading places with his black friend.
The Washington Post published this great letter (quoted above) in response to a George "Jackass" Will column.

Targeting China as the next

Targeting China as the next Evil Empire has been an evolutionary process in the United States. The new Bush administration apparently plans to talk and act tough toward China. That isn't going to make life any easier for me and other Chinese Americans. Some Americans appear not to be able to distinguish between Chinese Americans and Chinese from China. We all look alike, I guess.
San Francisco Chronicle: A Great Wall of Unease -- William Wong observes the recent rise of anti-Chinese sentiment in the US with alarm.

April 20, 2001

XML Resume Library or, How

XML Resume Library or, How to Write a Resume for the 21st Century (featuring an XML DTD and 3 XSL transformations).

The first time the

The first time the creature was put down in the game world, he just stared at his feet. I was puzzled, but after debugging found that the creature was trying to eat himself. He was hungry, and had spotted himself as a nearby convenient object!
Interesting article at Feed Mag on game AI. Shout to Slashdot for this wan.

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Do you know where the

Do you know where the president is today?

Stop the FTAA!.

Or else, go to Washington D.C. on Sunday and demand abortion rights for all women.

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April 19, 2001

Of note: Andrew Friedman for

Of note: Andrew Friedman for Feed on the intersection of drug laws, the census, and the prison industry with an eye on race and class.

In the pines, in the

In the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines
And we shiver when the cold wind blows.
I recently came across this interesting history of "In The Pines", a traditional folk song most famously recorded by Nirvana for MTV Unplugged. Memo to self: collect various versions of the song off of Napster et al.

Public Textures is a collection

Public Textures is a collection of photographs of scenes, surfaces, and objects featuring rich textures. (What else?) The photos are in the public domain so have at it.

April 18, 2001

She's reading a book on

She's reading a book on gender theory right now. She thinks it's fascinating and kind of funny.
Washington Post: Wonder Woman's Powers -- Phil Jiminez, writer and illustrator of Wonder Woman for DC Comics, has given the Amazon heroine an inner life. But whence came that golden lasso of truth? Believe it or not, the head (belonging to psychologist William Marston) from which sprang forth a fully-formed Wonder Woman also conceived of the first polygraph.

Ghost World the movie website

Ghost World the movie website (via linkmachineego, which covers comics and sites that cover comics lots better than we do).

April 17, 2001

Using PHP and MySQL as

Using PHP and MySQL as a Weblog [sic]

How to manage your site with Blogger, PHP, and XML

I have the book -

I have the book - I read Zadie's story which was decidedly mediocre. I will finish the book in two more books.

I do not believe I

I do not believe I would very cheerfully help a white student who would ask a benevolence of a stranger, but I do not feel so about the other color. We have ground the manhood out of them, and the shame is ours, not theirs, and we should pay for it.
About.com: Mark Twain's Reparations for Slavery

Well, Ftrain.com has Herman Melville's

Well, Ftrain.com has Herman Melville's Bartleby the Scrivener, which I read once and didn't much understand. So it's ripe for me. Yet I am reluctant to choose another book, because I chose the first one. But if dj and I are the only two players, heck, I guess it's my turn again. Perhaps "Bartleby" is appropriate, now that the film version starring Crispin Glover (one of those ten Warhols I mentioned on randomWalks) is out. Has anyone seen it?

For that matter, has anyone read the Dave Eggers and Zadie Smith stories in Nick Hornby's new collection of short stories? Are they good? Bad? The shade of mayonnaise?

why doesn't someone find a

why doesn't someone find a short story or some poetry that we can read off the net? That seems fairly low maintenance.

Maybe we could make things

Maybe we could make things easy for everyone and just read an Archie comic. Speaking of which, I discovered an interesting fact last night. That awful "Sugar, Sugar" song, as you might know, was performed by the Archies, a fictional group based on the comic. The leader of the Archies went on to become the editor of the Paris Review in the '70s, and in the '90s performed the "You deserve a break today" jingle for McDonald's. What an interesting guy. These tidbits come courtesy of the wonderful Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock and Roll. In fact, let's just change the name of this discussion board to randomWalks Rock and Roll. Rock and roll songs are only three to four minutes. Books are just way too long. Our first song will be something by Chuck Berry.

Ten actors have played Andy

Ten actors have played Andy Warhol since 1991. They should all star in a film together, reprising their various interpretations of Andy. Or maybe not. I think I'm setting myself up for a nightmare.

April 16, 2001

Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives

Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, "1936-1938 contains more than 2,300 first-person accounts of slavery and 500 black-and-white photographs of former slaves."

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This is also certainly nothing

This is also certainly nothing to smile about. We'll miss you, Joey.

Sadly, I am being crushed

Sadly, I am being crushed by my job. Picking books and reading them sounds overwhelming right now. But someone else go ahead and I'll keep up if I can!

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Inmate rape has such an

Inmate rape has such an established place in the mythology of prison that references to confinement often call forth jokes about sexual assault. But while rape is accepted as a fact of prison life, the subject has received little serious attention and legal remedies are rare. Few prison rapists are ever prosecuted, and most prisons provide little counseling or medical attention for rape victims, or help in preventing such attacks.
New York Times: Little Sympathy -- I don't know what this does for recidivism, but it doesn't sound like rehabilitation to me. What's a prison activist to do?

April 15, 2001

This is certainly nothing to

This is certainly nothing to smile about.

April 13, 2001

please, appreciate this gallery of

please, appreciate this gallery of beautiful typewriters and then spend some time on one. write a letter. there is a sensuousness and simplicity there that our keyboards lack.

"As Friedrick Kittler has demonstrated in Discourse Networks 1800/1900, typewriters exist in a discourse network underlaid by the dialectic of presence and absence.(4) Typewriter keys are directly proportionate to the script they produce. One keystroke yields one letter, and striking the key harder produces a darker letter. The system lends itself to a model of signification that links signifier to signified in direct correspondence, for there is a one-to-one relation between the key and the letter it produces. By contrast, the connection between computer keys and text manipulation is nonproportional and electronic. Display brightness is unrelated to keystroke pressure, and striking a single key can effect massive changes in the entire text. Interacting with electronic images rather than a materially resistant text, I absorb through my fingers as well as my mind a model of signification in which no simple one-to-one correspondence exists between signifier and signified. "

--N. Catherine Hayles

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What was disturbing was not

What was disturbing was not just the fact that this was happening, but that hundreds of editors, my future bosses, were laughing. I felt myself swallowed by all the loud laughter. Each time the ‘Chinese’ voice became more jarring, the editors would laugh even harder. ... Angry and hurt, I thought of so many questions. If all of these editors thought this caricature of my ethnic heritage was so funny, what did they think about me?
Asian-American journalist Amy Leang writes about a Capitol Steps performance she attended in which a white male member of the troupe mocked a Chinese official by wearing thick glasses and a black wig while shouting "Ching ching chong chong." The Capitol Steps have refused to apologize and say the skit will stay in the show. Thanks to MediaNews.

If Italo Calvino had a

If Italo Calvino had a website, it would be The Invisible Library, "a collection of books that only appear in other books."

Cincinnati Riots: yahoo full coverage

Cincinnati Riots:

For most of us, it

For most of us, it would be an easy choice. Of course you would learn to communicate with your child. But not if it meant you couldn't have food on your table.
IHT: For Asian Immigrants in U.S., a Wall of Words Separates Generations

Hey neat, we're on top

Hey neat, we're on top of the google results for "links open windows"! I wonder what other searches put randomWalks on top? (If you find any, pls [discuss] -- posting works, though the comment count is gone.)

Rene Magritte

All of us who are

All of us who are not racists -- liberals and conservatives alike -- have an instinctive tic against explicit racial classifications, which is understandable given our nation's history of racial injustice. But if we really want a more just society, we must be prepared to re-examine this instinct with an important distinction in mind: we must distinguish between policies whose premises deny equal citizenship and those whose premises affirm it.
New York Times: Race and the Uses of Law, By Ronald Dworkin

I love those books.

I love those books.

If you want to join

If you want to join this retrieval of democracy on the air, the Pacifica Campaign is at 51 MacDougal Street, Box No. 80, New York, NY 10012. The Web site is www.pacificacampaign.org, and the phone number for information about actions being planned is 1-800-797-6229. It also takes messages.
The Village Voice: Can WBAI Be Saved? by Nat Hentoff

The menorah has no place

The menorah has no place or role in the Christian religion, yet the cartoonist uses this core symbol of Judaism and makes it disappear into a cross with the words, "It is finished." It is as if Johnny Hart is telling his audience that Christianity now supersedes Judaism as the "true" faith.
See the cartoon on a Jewish Defense League web page if you haven't seen the Sunday funnies yet. (The JDL is not to be confused with the Anti-Defamation League, who issued the press release quoted above.) Time.com is carrying a bit of background on B.C. creator Johnny Hart's proselytizing.

I almost forgot about the

I almost forgot about the filepile.

April 12, 2001

The Bradford pear, found throughout

The Bradford pear, found throughout the Washington area, blooms each year at the beginning of Spring for two weeks ending in a dramatic flurry of petals. It's really a beautiful tree, but the bad news is that after about two decades the tree tends to fall apart. That gives me about five years to find a new parking space.

Project Censored has announced the

Project Censored has announced the top 25 censored media stories of 2000. As always, the list is a terrifying glimpse into the nature of power and "what really goes on". My favorite is the exemplarily jaw-dropping "Gerber Uses the WTO to Suppress Laws that Promote Breastfeeding".

Happy birthday to S.

Happy birthday to S. Adam Rice, the man who brought us randomWalks. He is also known for his work on projects such as Kyosaku, JikTek, DFBs, and most importantly Ian Sol Rice.

April 11, 2001

The women were pretty and

The women were pretty and flirtatious, the men were lively and friendly, the Victoria Bitter was cold and delicious, the stars in the southern sky were simply amazing, and I was having a lot of fun - until I made the mistake of trying to climb Ayers Rock on acid.
As for Finnegans Wake, it's on the nightstand by my bed. I've been reading it nightly for 14 years. I'm now on page 39.
Tom Robbins answers reader email at the Guardian's Books Talk. See this and other fine links at wood s lot.

We have lost track of

We have lost track of what childhood is about, of what parenthood and teaching is about. We now think it's about having good quiet children who make it easy for us to go to work. It's about having submissive children who will sit in a boring classroom of 30, often with teachers who don't know how to use visual aids and all the other exciting technologies that kids are used to. Or there are teachers who are forced to pressure their children to get grades on standardized tests, and don't have the time to pay individual attention to them. We're in a situation in America in which the personal growth and development and happiness of our children is not the priority; it's rather the smooth functioning of overstressed families and schools.
Last night's Frontline was, like most episodes of the PBS series, gratifyingly thought-provoking. It dealt with the diagnosis and medication of ADHD, which came off as a massive travesty perpetuated by the drug industry and our factory-like school system. The website features the show in full plus tons of supplementary material.

Looks like a bunch of

Looks like a bunch of webcasts of commercial radio feeds are gonna stop. Hey, we'll let advertisers dictate our content--it's the American way, right? Never fear--if your favorite commercial station goes off the Web, lots of non-commercial public, community and collegiate stations are there to take up the slack.

April 10, 2001

"Urine is a sterile

"Urine is a sterile fluid, so aside from the aesthetics there should be no health risks from urine," Professor Despommier said. But fecal matter is another story, he said.
Watch what you eat.

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We can certainly rest easier

We can certainly rest easier at night knowing the Democrats are out there fighting for us.

The "WAMU in your Ward"

The "WAMU in your Ward" series on WAMU's DC Politics Hour ought to be a fascinating look at the character of Washington D.C.'s neighborhoods. Along with the poop on Ward 1, listen this friday (scroll down) for an hour on the Peace Corps' 40th birthday. You might just want to listen to WAMU right now, especially if you like your NPR with a little bit of bluegrass. In any case, it's a good time to look at the District's Wards because the city government is about to redraw the boundaries.

"I don't know how long

"I don't know how long people can do this work. Nobody we know of is doing it to the extent we are, so it's hard to know how long we will last." Why does she keep doing it? "Because something sacred occurs when people in such pain begin to tell you how they feel."
"Yes, it's him." Beverly Jones counsels survivors as they identify bodies at the DC morgue. The program is the only one of its kind in the nation.

The Sackner Archive of Concrete

The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry deserves a better post than it's getting here. It also deserves a better site than it's got there, but it's definitely worth your time. Be sure to "Browse collection by: " -- there's some great stuff in there!

April 9, 2001

I've been meaning to collect

I've been meaning to collect links to various subway maps (they serve as great studies in design) but Jason Kottke beat me to it. Always the smartie, he's got his readers working for him (and for me too, I guess).

If you think that the

If you think that the next big crackdown on political protest is going to take place when 5,000 police officers clash with activists outside the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City next month, you are mistaken. It turns out that the most effective form of crowd control isn't pepper spray, water cannons, tear gas or any of the other weapons being readied by Quebec police in anticipation of the arrival of 34 heads of state. The most cutting-edge form of crowd control is controlling the crowds before they converge. It happens every time we read another story about how Quebec will be surrounded by a three-metre-high fence. Or about how there's nowhere to sleep in the city except the prisons, which have been helpfully cleared out. Protesting, rather than being a healthy part of democracy, seems like an extreme and dangerous sport, suitable only for hard-core activists, with bizarre accessories and doctoral degrees in rock climbing.
A-Infos: Quebec City Keeping Us Out Before We Get There

April 8, 2001

yup, yup, yup.

yup, yup, yup.

Native American people from across

Native American people from across North and South America have said they fear that a free trade agreement covering both continents could have devastating effects on native peoples.
BBC: Free trade concerns Native Americans

Historical and modern day images

Historical and modern day images often contain hidden messages about us, about others and about our world. These subtle lessons lie just beneath the surface. In order to see them, we must replace passive consumption of images with critical analysis. We can no longer accept a sculpture or a logo at face value. We must dig deeper.
Images in Action is a teaching activity at the new tolerance.org. What images would you add to the project?

"I" am a boundary, a

"I" am a boundary, a distinction delineated as much by notness as isness; as is everything. This being so, so this being (is). My line, and the lines we all draw, are largely a cultural affect. What does this mean exactly? It implies that linear thinking is too straight, man.
I think that if I grokked it all, I would purposefully forget that I did - as a release from the grey obsession of control, and spontaneous rediscovery of beauty.
Sometimes I think this is what God has done. In any case, you ought to be reading abuddhas memes.

A while ago my younger

A while ago my younger brother mentioned that John and John were looking for Ballads For The Age Of Science, one of which They Might Be Giants covered on a recent album. I knew I had seen them in mp3 format somewhere on the web, and here they are (link above). At the time, I frustrated myself trying to find them. (This doesn't happen to me. When I look for something on the net, I find it. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but we're talking ninety-nine point forty-four.) Thanks to gmtPlus9, a consistenly rewarding weblog with a fresh perspective.

If you ever played Dark

If you ever played Dark Castle on the original Macintosh, your heart will skip a beat when you learn that a sequel is in the works. But wait -- it gets better. Download the Return to Dark Castle demo now, and thank me later.

April 6, 2001

"I wanna know if what

"I wanna know if what I saw is still there" -- heard this song on KEXP (was KCMU, is possibly the only radio station worth listening to) a few times in a few weeks and now I want you to hear it (it's right here).

Thanks to Aaron Swartz of

Thanks to Aaron Swartz of Blogspace, randomWalks (and any other weblog) can now offer an RSS feed.

You come to realise that

You come to realise that the people who make these products are craftspeople who love what they do beyond any other product you have ever seen. And because so much love was put into this you end up loving the product, too.
Steve Jobs on why you love Apple.

Laws of Cartoon Physics

Laws of Cartoon Physics

I don't know what America

I don't know what America is coming to when thousands of people, many of them adults, are willing to be regimented into brushing paint on a jig-saw miscellany of dictated shapes and all by rote. Can't you rescue some of these souls -- or should I say 'morons'?
Swiss Village paint-by-numbers completed by J. Edgar HooverPaint by Number: Accounting for Taste in the 1950s opens today at the National Museum of American History in Washington D.C.

April 4, 2001

"Hey baby, nice ass"

"Hey baby, nice ass" doesn't really *feel* like much of a compliment, does it? Check out the Street Harassment Project, a NYC-based organization of women and girls standing up for the right to be in public spaces without being treated as public amusement.

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Yeah, book book book book

Yeah, book book book book book, to quote my 1.5-year-old daughter. hcog, I think it's your turn...?

BTW, those Sanchez poems are great -- thanks for posting them. I should dig up a few good short poems and post them.

Update on my recent reading: just finished Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. Good good good. I'd say it ranks third among the books of his I've read. Now I'm reading about Wittgenstein. One of those cheezy illustrated "Introducing Wittgenstein" or "W for Beginners" books, whatever they're called. I'm always distrustful of those books. It didn't help that this one had a grammatical goof on the second page. But oh well.

Sometimes I think a lot

Sometimes I think a lot of disputes between people could be solved if everybody had to wear a lapel pin showing what they looked like as children. That way, you'd kind of feel sorry for them.
Chris Ware, in today's New York Times.

"This spring, Slate will ask

"This spring, Slate will ask Dr. Melfi's real-life counterparts to examine developments on The Sopranos." Good reading.

The relaunch of the XPLANE

The relaunch of the XPLANE site is a great excuse to go dig through the xBlog archives. Wow!

This guy must have been

This guy must have been happy when dj was born. I was only 1 year old, but I bet I was too. A true soul.

someone pick a book! plz!

someone pick a book! plz! dj!

April 2, 2001

From the referrers: shey.net -

From the referrers: shey.net - a weblog w/good comics and politics.

Perhaps most provocative was Tap,

Perhaps most provocative was Tap, by Mark Argo, a digital artist in California. He proposed a wearable device that would plug into a publicly accessible information source and display data in a style chosen by the wearer. Years from reality, it still appeals to the imagination: no more squinting at tiny, ornate script on a restaurant's menu; plug yourself into the restaurant's computer and, voilà, there is the information in big, blocky type.
Browserday competitors are coming up with new ways to use the Web.

In these early days, the

In these early days, the hunters always seem to know more than the employees. A slender woman with silver jewelry approaches the bakery counter. Her tone is determined. "The Fresh Fields honey buns are usually this high," she says, holding her fingers four inches apart. "These are down to here."

The baker explains, "It's the way they been poofin' lately."

"The way they've been what?"


"Define poofing," the woman says. "That's obviously your term."

Anne Hull of The Washington Post looks at how Washington, D.C.'s new Fresh Fields is bringing people of vastly different classes together in new ways. The article brims with compassion and keen observation--it's much better than a lot of the shrill Fresh Fields-bashing most other papers indulge in, but just as effective and thought-provoking. Dig it.

The past two nights were


The past two nights were absolutely incredible; beyond words.
These images are a poor example of what the experience is like in person.
This cloud of light suddenly became alive. It grew brighter and brighter and it started pulsing hypnotic waves and rays throughout the entire northern sky.
Photographers talking about taking pictures of last week's auroras.

April 1, 2001

Some of you will surely

Some of you will surely enjoy The Leaky Cauldron weblog: "We Blog for Harry."