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October 31, 2000

Salon profiles Alan Moore, eccentric

Salon profiles Alan Moore, eccentric comic book genius; I just want to beseech him, "darling don't you go and cut your hair."

The Frog Farm FAQ is

The Frog Farm FAQ is an endlessly fascinating document detailing our rights, in theory and in practice, as citizens of the United States. Very scary reading for Halloween.

We have just received word

We have just received word from the California Secretary of State that offering to "broker the exchange of votes" is a violation of California state law. Therefore we have turned our software off in order to be in compliance.
We are not lawyers. To the best of our knowledge at this point neither we nor those people who have already used the site are in violation of any Federal law. Nor are the people who have used our swap-matching software in violation of California law. We recommend that anyone who has already agreed to swap should check with the laws of their own state to make sure there is no violation. Our advice is to err on the side of caution, and if you can't determine for sure that you are not in violation of any laws, you should not participate in vote-swapping.
It was fun while it lasted. voteswap2000

originally posted by zagg

Nader will be on ABC's

Nader will be on ABC's Nightline tonight along with Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura for a town meeting-style discussion.

When I chew the etiquette

When I chew the etiquette gum, I feel the need to stand up straight. You can't slouch and chew etiquette gum.
What's up with those inscrutable Japanese candy wrappers?

Metafilter thread about online comics,

Metafilter thread about online comics, for future reference.

"Lenny Lambchop" was getting up

"Lenny Lambchop" was getting up on telephone boxes in NYC lower east side around 2 am; the bars were letting out. Two beautiful working girls wobbled over to him and asked if they could have posters. "What are you gonna do with 'em?," he asked. One of the ladies, wearing a too short spandex something, replied, "I'm gonna put "MEN WITH NO LIPS" up in my room." Concerned, L.L. said, "But we want lots of people to see them." The other woman winked, "Oh they will, honey, at least twenty people a night!" Good enough.
From The Guerrilla Posterers' Guide.

The City of New York

The City of New York wants to destroy our home and studios in order to push through The Cooper Square Urban Renewal Plan. This plan is a developer's dream. The City will sell as much vacant land as it can to a private developer in a 80%-20% tax-abatement deal that requires the developer to provide only 20% of all new construction as affordable housing units. 80% of the new construction will be market rate units.

This is a Lower East Side community that is low to moderate income and in desperate need of housing in that range. The tax-abatement is not forever. The affordable housing units will only retain that designation for the term of the abatement. That could range from only 12 to 20 years. After that, low income families will face sky- rocketing rents or buy out offers from the developer.

Save 295 Bowery.
The people behind this project are the same as those behind the Gallery Place project in D.C.
Other resources:
Gotham Gazette
Cooper Union Community Development Committee
Cooper Square Urban Renewal Area Study

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The greatest country, the richest

The greatest country, the richest country, is not that which has the most capitalists, monopolists, immense grabbings, vast fortunes, with its sad, sad foil of extreme, degrading, damning poverty, but the land in which there are the most homesteads, freeholds--where wealth does not show such contrasts high and low, where all men have enough--a modest living--and no man is made possessor beyond the sane and beautiful necessities.
Gary Schmidgall, editor of a collection of Walt Whitman's conversations, looks into the great poet's political views as Election Day nears.

October 30, 2000

Comrade!   Tomorrow, we blast

Comrade!   Tomorrow, we blast off from Baikonur Cosmodrome.

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It's time to end this

It's time to end this senseless campaign. This freakish, prankish presidential candidacy must be put to an end. Please sign this online petition. It might be too late, but we still could make a difference.

originally posted by zagg

Lotto, a short story by

Lotto, a short story by Douglas Coupland. thanks, matt.

are you a s3ll0ut like

are you a s3ll0ut like me?

-- or have you forgotten

-- or have you forgotten NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, the continuation of the drug war, the Defense of Marriage Act, the erosion of civil liberties, the dismantling of the social safety net, the unprecedented concentration of corporate power -- not to mention the bombing of Iraq, Sudan, and Afghanistan --
I remember, Sparky.

They're a kind of slick

They're a kind of slick impostor band that lead critics and hapless rock fans down the dangerous path of asking, "How relevant is this?" instead of asking, "Does this fucking rock?"
Not everyone likes Radiohead.

In Arlington, it's against the

In Arlington, it's against the law for vendors--even the venerable ice cream man--to ring a bell.

originally posted by dm8k

A new concept in blogging:

A new concept in blogging: Can't think of anything to say? What the hell, just borrow someone else's life.
posted by Cobbler

    Actually, I find it a good idea. Taken out of context, the entries are often funny, and the blog has highlighted more unknown (to me) blogs than any other. The concept of meta-weblogs that highlight quality or interesting stuff like this hasn't really been explored.
    posted by mathowie

    I like it too. Erik made a different sort of "cut-up" blog-- but with journal entries-- at his Tower Of Babble.
    posted by schlomo

    Well, it's sorta kinda just a blog with bigger pull quotes than most.
    And no editorial.
    Much closer to the concept "pre-surf" than most current weblogs seem to be today.
    posted by baylink

October 29, 2000

Educate yourself about the Mideast

Educate yourself about the Mideast

October 27, 2000



It's A Family Affair





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nevermind legos
THIS IS SANDOU STYLE!! thanks, allaboutgeorge.

Robot Wisdom is hot right

Robot Wisdom is hot right now, with over a dozen great links near the top.

if Gore really wants Green

if Gore really wants Green votes, he should trade for them, like, say, an end to Iraq sanctions!
Kendall Clark pulls no punches over at the Monkeyfist Daily Churn.

It should help us all

It should help us all sleep a little better to know we're taking away violent criminals' taste for blood.
Federal prisons now offer vegan meals.

October 26, 2000

Curry addictive? I believe it

Curry addictive? I believe it -- I can't get enough of the stuff.

In a "Faith and

In a "Faith and Values" speech at Notre Dame University earlier this week, Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Joseph Lieberman called for a greater role for religious groups in the public square, and again declared that "the Constitution promises freedom of religion, not freedom from religion. We are after all not just another nation, but 'one nation under God.' "

If you fail to pay

If you fail to pay us for faithful labors in the past, we can have little faith in your promises in the future. We trust the good Maker has opened your eyes to the wrongs which you and your fathers have done to me and my fathers, in making us toil for you for generations without recompense.... Surely there will be a day of reckoning for those who defraud the laborer of his hire.
I subscribe to the weekly, e-mailed version of Open Letters and print it to read it, so I don't post links to it. But I'm going to make an exception for this letter from 1865 in which freed slave Jourdon Anderson writes his former master, who had asked Anderson to come back and work for him. Anderson patiently explains that he would only consider it if he is paid for his years of slave labor. (The letter also ends with a classic line: "Say howdy to George Carter, and thank him for taking the pistol from you when you were shooting at me.")

Anderson's letter also ran as a sidebar to a fascinating article in the latest Harper's, in which four high-powered lawyers discuss the practicalities of filing suit to win reparations for slavery. Harper's puts only its well-known Index online; if it put more on its site, I would no doubt link to it, because the magazine is consistently funny, thoughtful and enlightening, and if you're not reading it cover to cover each month, explain yourself!

Top Ten Reasons Why

Top Ten Reasons Why I'm Not Voting for Nader
(any one of which would be enough)
By Gloria Steinem
President, Voters for Choice
10. He's not running for President, he's running for federal matching funds for the Green Party!
9. He was able to take all those perfect progressive positions of the past because he never had to build an electoral coalition, earn a majority vote, or otherwise submit to democracy.
8. By condemning Gore for ever having taken a different position - for example, for voting against access to legal abortion when he was a Congressman from Tennessee - actually dissuades others from changing their minds and joining us.
7. Nader is rightly obsessed with economic and corporate control, yet he belittles a deeprt form of control - control of reproduction, and the most intimate parts of our lives. For example, he calls a women's movement and the gay and lesbian movements "gonadal politics," and ridicules the use of the word "patriarchy," as if it were somehow less important than the World Trade Organization. As Congressman Barney Frank wrote Nader in an open letter, "your assertion that there are not important issue differences between Gore and Bush is either flatly inaccurate or reflects your view that... the issues are not important... since you have generally ignored these issues in your career."
6. The issues of corporate control can only be addressed by voting for candidates who will pass campaign-funding restrictions, and by conducting grassroots boycotts and consumer campaigns against sweatshops - not by voting for one man who will never become President.
5. Toby Moffett, alongtime Nader Raider who also server in Cogress, wrote that Nader's "Tweedledum and Tweedledee assertion that there is no important difference between the major Presidential candidates would be laughable it if weren't so unsafe." We've been bamboozled by the media's practice of being even-handedly negative. There is a far greater gulf between Bush and Gore than between Nixon and Kennedy - and what did that mean to history?
4. Nader asked Winona LaDuke, and important Native American leader, to support and run with him, despite his likely contribution to the victory of George W. Bush, a man who has stated that "state law is supremee when it comes to Indians," a breathtakingly dangerous position that ignores hundreds of treaties with tribal governments, long standing federal policy and federal law affirming tribal sovereignty.
3. If I were to run for President in the same symbolic way, I would hope my friends and colleagues would have the sense to vote against me too, saving me from waking up to discover that I had helped send George W. Bush to the most powerful position in the world.
2. There are one, two, three, or even four lifetime Supreme Court Justices who are likely to be appointed the next President. Bush has made clear by his records as Governor and appeals to the ultra-rightwing that his appointments would overturn Roe v. Wade and reproductive freedom, dismantle remedies for racial discrimination, oppose equal rights for gays and lesbians, oppose mandatory gun registration, oppose federal protections of endangered species, public lands, and water - and much more. Gore is the opposite on every one of these issues. Gore has made clear that his appointments would uphold our hard won progress in those areas, and he has outlined advances in each one.
1. The art of behaving ethically is behaving as if everything we do matters. If we want Gore and not Bush in the White House, we have to vote for Gore and not Bush - out of self-respect.

I'm not telling you how to vote by sharing these reasons. The essence of feminism is the power to decide for ourselves. It's also taking responsibility for our actions. Let's face it, Bush in the White House would have far more impact on the poor and vulnerable in this country, and on the subjects of our foreign policy and aid programs in other countries. Just as Clinton saved women's lives by rescinding the Mexico City policy by executive order as his first act as President - thus ending the ban against even discussing abortion if one received US aid - the next President will have enormous power over the lives of millions abroad who cannot vote, plus millions too disillusioned to vote here.

Perhaps there's a reason why Nader rallies seem so white, middle class, and disproportionately male; in short, so supported by those who wouldn't be hurt if Bush were in the White House.

Think self-respect. Think about the impact of our vote on the weakest among us. Then we can't go wrong.

Amen, Gloria. rW may be going green for the cause, but not all of its editors are.

And so should I. They

And so should I. They are absolutely right on.

We would regard Mr. Nader's

We would regard Mr. Nader's willful prankishness as a disservice to the electorate no matter whose campaign he was hurting. The country deserves a clear up-or-down vote between Mr. Bush and Mr. Gore, who have waged a hard, substantive and clean campaign. Of course, voters who want to cast an ideological protest vote for Mr. Nader have a perfect right to do so. But more tactically minded voters should recognize that unlike Mr. Bush and Mr. Gore, Mr. Nader can fling charges and espouse positions without worrying about their impact on his chances of winning or even about having to govern on the basis of his promises.
The New York Times should be absolutely ashamed.

originally posted by zagg

October 25, 2000

Could the Internet be used

Could the Internet be used to circumvent the electoral college? Damn what a good idea!

Moreover, after studying the Amendment's

Moreover, after studying the Amendment's language and historical context, they realized that the principal intent of this "missing" Thirteenth Amendment was to prohibit Attorneys of the Bar Associations from serving in government as an "elite" class, i.e., lawyers holding membership in a society with a charter that creates special privileges for the them.

I don't know if this is true, but it's fun to think that it might be.

In other news, 'In God We Trust'.

Also, recently I watched Don't Look Back for the first time and I'm back on a Dylan kick. So read this please.

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October 24, 2000

Igor Sergeev's "Red Hair and

Red Hair and Voice
Igor Sergeev's "Red Hair and Voice" (30x45, ink on paper) at the Outsider Art Museum in Moscow.

More from recent NPR programs:

Speaking of things Indian, I've

Speaking of things Indian, I've been wanting to read Edward Said's Orientalism.

Overclocking a G4? Inconceivable! Imagine

Overclocking a G4? Inconceivable!

Imagine launching on a Sunday and then being /.ed on a Tuesday. OS X Talk knows.

Within the eBusiness integration

Within the eBusiness integration industry, Scient is known for having its own particular lexicon, ScientSpeak, which consists of pithy phrases like "paradigm violence" and "smart mover" and cultish slogans like "It takes courage to do legendary work." So perhaps in ScientSpeak the process of building a website that consumes almost all of a start-up's funding before it goes live is defined as a "successful launch."

Here's the story of a environmental startup (verde.com) funded by Ted Turner, brought to the ground by fucking consultants (scient.com).
thanks, fucked company.


In case you don't read this, here's another funny quote:

In an email that another Scient employee accidentally forwarded to Verde's staff as well as Scient's, he drafted the following action plan: "This may sound weird, but it's a request. From this point forward, let's try to not use the word 'Process' when talking with any member of Verde. A number of their associates do not like the word and it has a very negative connotation with them (Please don't ask me why or how I came about this information. I would have to kill you). For example, 'Our Process dictates that....' - That's a no-no. Let's try and substitute the word 'Approach' or something similarly softer when speaking to these items. Let's review...Process = Bad. Approach = Better. Thoughts = OK. I'll sit back and enjoy the mocking now...."

On kuro5hin they note the

On kuro5hin they note the pseudo news site Action News Six, in which the headline is about a phony murder case in a real park/neighborhood in Maryland. Of course the promotion for the first Blair Witch movie was genius, but the sequel's marketing has been so bad - almost a parody of the first's. New York is plastered with ugly posters that look anything but scary. As we know anything that doesn't constantly evolve on the Internet just dies. I guess we all knew this was going to be dissapointing, but I'm always hoping to be surprised by movies like this. Oh well. I'll just keep waiting for the Bring It On DVD.

October 23, 2000

Found some words and pictures

Found some words and pictures about Ishmael Reed and Mumbo Jumbo.

That Michael Moore pushes all

That Michael Moore pushes all the right buttons.

The secrets of Colombian currency

The secrets of Colombian currency counterfeiting operations. thanks, gulfstream.

This attempt to kill low-power

This attempt to kill low-power FM behind closed doors smacks of everything that Americans have come to distrust about our democratic process.
FCC chairman William Kennard is hip hop.

October 22, 2000

In case you were dying

In case you were dying to know about what public radio is doing with satellite radio technology, here's a brief primer, re-posted from the discourse section of this site.

Both NPR and PRI will have channels on Sirius Satellite Radio.

NPR is going to have two channels: NPR Talk and NPR Now. NPR Talk is going to be talk shows, and it will include Talk of the Nation, Forum (a show done at KQED in San Francisco), and others. Both channels will feature a new, one-hour satellite-only news magazine (which will be repeated a bunch of times), titled The Way In and hosted by TV/radio/print journalist Melinda Wittstock. NPR says its satellite fare will be faster-paced than its other programming, in order to appeal to the younger demographic expected to be "early adapters." Car Talk will also be on at least one channel.

PRI has the BBC World Service on two channels: one in English, one in Spanish. The third channel is going to feature some sort of mysterious "interactive" programming which they're being very close-mouthed about at the time. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting just gave them a big grant to work on that channel.

Many NPR member stations are upset with NPR for being so aggressive about getting on the satellite, since NPR (in their view) is basically going to be able to bypass them and send programming directly to listeners, rather than going through member stations. Imaginably, you could just turn on NPR's sat channels and not listen to your local station, and therefore never pledge to your local station, causing it to die. But that probably won't happen. NPR is promising to cross-promote to local stations on its sat channels. And NPR has vowed not to put Morning Edition and All Things Considered on the channel in competition with stations.

Public radio has shied away from XM Radio, for reasons unclear--though I think it's because XM says it might air commercials. I'm not sure. However, Martin Goldsmith, former host of NPR's Performance Today, has become program director of a classical music channel at XM.

Whew. Well, you asked.

And a couple of other

And a couple of other randomwalks editors (no, not me), will also be engaging in people's marathon of sorts today:

In New York, October 22 will be marked with a protest beginning at Union Square, Manhattan, at 1:00 p.m., with a march to Times Square.

The October 22 Coalition, New York, is outraged at the arrest of people in the Bronx while they were organizing themselves to take part in the New York protest to mark the 5th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation. (see statement below from members of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade New York who were also arrested).

The neighborhood where these arrests took place is the neighborhood Amadou Diallo was killed by 41 shots from the police. It is the same building where Malcolm Ferguson was killed with one shot to the back of his head, 5 days after the verdict in the Amadou Diallo case that allowed those police to walk free. Neighborhoods like this around the country are under the gun. The National Day of Protest aims to build a movement that can STOP this national epidemic of police brutality and murder.

A couple of randomWalks editors,

A couple of randomWalks editors, (no, not me) and some friends and family members are running "The People's Marathon" tomorrow. I should have made randomWalks t-shirts, but I doubt anyone would have worn them. Hell, I wouldn't wear one. I would write randomWalks.com on my arm though... in real big letters in black magic marker. Right now.

October 21, 2000

White Teeth sounds great. I'd

White Teeth sounds great. I'd like to read that. FYI, Krik? Krak! is a collection of 9 short stories by Haitian female writer Edwidge Dandicat. When I suggested it on email, I didn't realize it was short stories. Anyone read them? My Son's Story is a novel by Nadine Gordimer, a South African author, whose central figures are activists during apartheid. My girlfriend Jennifer read it and said it was very powerful. Maybe back-burner book ideas.

originally posted by hcog

What are Golden Gate and

What are Golden Gate and Mumbo Jumbo, eh?

Sounds like White Teeth is our book. Emily just read it. The author, Zadie Smith, is a woman, and not American, and the book is about race and multiculturalism, something I know we all like to talk about (or most of us). But we also had been talking about reading Howard Zinn, so I don't know. What do you guys think?

On another note: here's a totally punk passage from Charles Dickens, who I never thought would be so punk.

On the appointed day--I think it was the next day, but no matter--Traddles and I repaired to the prison where Mr. Creakle was powerful. It was an immense and solid building, erected at a vast expense. I could not help thinking, as we approached the gate, what an uproar would have been made in the country, if any deluded man had proposed to spend one-half the money it had cost, on the erection of an industrial school for the young, or a house of refuge for the deserving old.

What a guy! No more prisons!

October 20, 2000

"A trefoil knot. A friend

"A trefoil knot.

A friend at work suggested this after seeing the Mobius bands. This was my first attempt. It is very flimsy (and I cheated in two places by modifying the collection of occupied cells output by my program). Still, it proved it was possible.

someone committed to producing great beauty. Of this gift may he never "lego".

originally posted by oldwabbles

Who knew that Al

Who knew that Al Gore was Ross Perot's son?

Al Gore

Ross Perot, Jr.

What does a president do

What does a president do in his final days
in the office?

originally posted by dm8k

New One Hundred Demons by

New One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry -- this time it's really about a demon.

Unhand me at once!

Unhand me at once!

originally posted by dm8k

Just say no to corporations.

Just say no to corporations. (thanks zagg)

What a Bodhisattva Does

What a Bodhisattva Does

True Food Shopping List -

True Food Shopping List - how to avoid genetically engineered food.

On September 14, Steve Yasko

On September 14, Steve Yasko called me to a meeting with Pacifica General Managers. KPFK Manager Mark Schubb, expressed his repeated criticism that audiences don't want to hear graphic details of police brutality before breakfast, or as he said last year "before I have my coffee." He criticized our coverage of Mumia Abu-Jamal, East Timor and questioned why I asked Spike Lee about his affiliation with Nike. Pacifica's Chief Financial Officer weighed in with her criticism of American prisoner Lori Berenson in Peru, (we had just aired an exclusive interview with her that received widespread national press.) After the meeting, Yasko took me into the hotel lobby and shouted, "I am your boss! I am your boss!"
From Amy Goodman's memo to the Pacifica Board of Directors regarding the future of the most important show on radio, Democracy Now!

Marathon etiquette.

Marathon etiquette.

How to win at pinewood

How to win at pinewood derby. Where was the Net when I was painting my car with my Mom's nail polish? What the hell was I thinking?

What the Japanese are selling

What the Japanese are selling is nothing more than cabbage sprinkled with seasonings and artificial flavorings. This debate is not just about protecting our market share. We are trying to preserve our national heritage.
Looks like the kimchi wars are old news, though I just heard about them today on marketplace.

October 19, 2000

Working on Same Painting: Sorry

Working on Same Painting: Sorry I'm late.
Having a Breakthrough Day: That's all right. Time doesn't exist.
Get me drunk and I can recite this movie (Slacker) backwards. You didn't need to know that. Quote courtesy Andy's Movie Quote Page.

Randomwalkers. I would like to

Randomwalkers. I would like to read a book that suggests something to me.

Okay, really. I would like fresh, new, invigorating literature. NOne of this traditional crap. Conceptual stuff.

I have them.
How about : "Golden Gate"; "mumbo Jumbo", something by salman rushdie, or by a woman writer, especially someone that is not American. Something indian. I'm cookoo for indian these days.

Thanks, wiseguy.Which books?

Thanks, wiseguy.

Which books?

It's a total rush. It's

It's a total rush. It's all about adrenaline and dopamine. It's kind of like getting yourself in a car wreck again and again--without getting hurt.
One day out of the year, it's legal to jump off the second-highest bridge in the U.S.

For the past four years,

For the past four years, whenever Odenton resident Gwen Jones has found coins on the floor or sidewalk, she has put them in a pink piggy bank covered with polka-dotted pigs. Gwen says such saving is important because "you could get something if you save your money. . . . I could buy stuff from a bubble gum machine." Once, she took money out to buy some ice cream. Saving pennies allows Gwen to buy more than any individual pennies could buy. However, since piggy banks provide less-than-competitive interest rates, she isn't keeping up with inflation.
The Washington Post takes a crack at some common aphorisms.

Can this be true? A

Can this be true? A real debate featuring Gore v. Nader v. Browne v. Hagelin v. Buchanan v. Phillips. Do you think Gore would really show? Thanks Judicial Watch.

Turns out the answer is no.

"According to a Gore official, both campaigns met and decided the three presidential debates and one vice presidential debate would be 'sufficient.' Regarding the vice president's letter accepting Judicial Watch's invitation, the official said the 'letter was sent prior to negotiations' with the Bush campaign."

originally posted by zagg

Even though Ralph Nader was

Even though Ralph Nader was not allowed to enter the debate floor, we managed to get him in the debate - if only sonically! You'll hear the three Presidential candidates debate issues from affirmative action, to the current Middle East crisis to universal healthcare. It's what we here at Democracy Now think democracy should sound like.
This excellent DIY debate combines tuesday's CPD debate with Nader's Madison Square Garden speech and requires realplayer.

October 18, 2000

I like books.

I like books.

Established in conjunction with randomWalks,

Established in conjunction with randomWalks, this site is for the mullings of a monthly book club which has yet to get off the ground. We'll announce the first book as soon as we figure out what it should be. In the meantime, other posts related to literature, contemporary or ancient, fiction or non-, popular to obscure, are welcomed, including reviews and the stirrings of less formal discussions.

In last night's debate, Bush

In last night's debate, Bush reassured the American people that he has absolutely no idea what affirmative action is. If you think it's got anything to do with quotas or with hiring less-than-qualified applicants then neither do you. Someone ought to send this info on pertinent Supreme Court decisions along to the Bush campaign for the governor's edification. Yesterday's New York Times carried an op-ed which examines a critical review of 200 scientific studies of affirmative action and concludes that the facts vindicate such policies. In fact, a Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded last week to an economist who developed methods of analysis which, among other things, demonstrated the effectiveness of affirmative action in integrating the textile industry. Little-known fact: the greatest beneficiary of affirmative action has been white women.

"You're begging for trouble because

"You're begging for trouble because what that says is, science will take very powerful technology and fool around with it," says Arthur Caplan, director of the center of bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. "It makes us think that what we have is technology in the hand of fifth-graders."

More on the controversial, glowing bunny.

Nader got locked out

Nader got locked out again last night.
Ralph Nader was denied entry last night to the campus of Washington University by the Commission on Presidential Debates, despite the fact that he had a valid pass and was scheduled be interviewed by WUTV, the campus television station. This marks the second time in two weeks that the CPD, in association with local law enforcement, has unlawfully denied Nader access to a university campus hosting a presidential debate.
He'll have to sue them twice.

October 17, 2000

Quite possibly the coolest

Quite possibly the
coolest thing
I've ever seen in my life.

Makes me wish I hadn't bought
this crappy thing.

originally posted by dm8k

truth! I mean... goose! I


I mean... goose!

I mean... rex!

Void-of-course Moon charts for the

Void-of-course Moon charts for the year 2000, Eastern time. thanks, astrogirl.

Anyway. My pants are a

Anyway. My pants are a little snug, and I jump off the back of the cement mixer and I completely blow out my pants. My backside is exposed. Tighty whities. I immediately go into my 'Hey, I blew out my pants,' walk, trying to hide it. But there are 50 little boys who we brought there to eat cookies and milk, and they all start pointing and laughing.
The Washington Post's Gene Weingarten gets PR flacks to embarrass themselves in exchange for glowing write-ups of their silly goods. Ethically sketchy? Yeah. Funny as hell? Yeah.

USAT says that on who

USAT says that on who would better handle the Middle East crisis, Gore edges Bush 47-43 percent, but that when it comes to better handling the attack in Yemen on the U.S. destroyer Cole, it's Bush 46-41 percent. Somebody should tell the pollsters and the voters that the attack is part of the Middle East crisis.
From Slate's Today's Papers by Scott Shuger.

In the past I've always

In the past I've always tried to be a gentle defender of the mainstream media. Having friends that have worked for "major" newspapers and magazines made it hard for me to believe that the media had its own agenda. My friends certainly did not.
But now I don't know what to think.
Here's the latest in a series of instances in recent memory that just make me scratch my head in wonder.

Coverage of Friday's Nader rally at Madison Square Garden:

Truth? Truth? Truth? Truth? Truth?

originally posted by zagg

Our UFO scholar friend David

Our UFO scholar friend David Jacobs might enjoy learning about visionary artist Paul Laffoley.

October 16, 2000

Each day I will be

Each day I will be posting a new home page of mine.

Washington, DC statehood rights

Washington, DC statehood rights have been an issue of interest for me since I lived there. Not surprisingly, I found that I agree with Nader's stance on this issue. The Supreme Court made it clear today, however, that it does not.

"Witness to an Execution" is

"Witness to an Execution" is a 22-minute audio documentary about how the prison staff in Huntsville, Texas, kills people by lethal injection. The documentary doesn't takes sides on whether the death penalty is right or wrong, and it's better for not doing so. It's the latest doc from David Isay's Sound Portraits Productions, and if you're not familiar with its incredible work, start catching up. (Their site recently got a nice redesign.)

I got my sexy Monkeyfist

monkeyfist.com sticker
I got my sexy Monkeyfist stickers in the mail this weekend. Thanks Kendall!

"The Admonitory Hippopotamus, or Angelica

"The Admonitory Hippopotamus, or Angelica and Sneezeby" is a vintage Gorey story. A girl of 5 is playing cards with her brothers in a gazebo when suddenly she sees a spectral hippopotamus "rising from the ha-ha." "Fly at once!" commands the hippo. "All is discovered!"

In a journey that covers her entire life in cameo, Angelica travels the world from St. Torpid's ("to buy forbidden jujubes") to the Indian Ocean, where she has an "assignation with a Eurasian Stoker" on a ship. Repeatedly the animal appears and delivers its message, acting as a kind of constant and peripatetic conscience.

The New York Times reports that executors of the late, great Edward Gorey's estate have found hundreds of finished and unfinished sketches and stories among his left-behind belongings. As an avid Gorey fan who owns possibly all of his books, I am unimaginably excited as I think about this trove of goodies.

Thinking of all of those papery fragments, I'm reminded of the poet Frank O'Hara, a key figure in the New York School of poetry. O'Hara was known for writing poems in letters or on scraps of paper and not particularly caring if his output was saved for posterity. Maybe he could be a patron saint of the Internet, since it's hard to imagine that randomWalks entire will be preserved in some meaningful way centuries from now.

And it is somehow important that O'Hara and Gorey were roommates at Harvard. As tribute to these two late greats (O'Hara was run over by a dune buggy at Fire Island and died far too young), why not read O'Hara's "The Day Lady Died" today?

I just discovered that Slate

if they ALL say the megamerger is good for us consumers, they MUST be right!
I just discovered that Slate has tons of political cartoons online.

I'm not optimistic [about low

I'm not optimistic [about low power's future. I'm afraid the broadcaster's association has a lot of power. In '96 we made it possible for them [through the Telecommunications Act] to own more stations, create greater consolidation, to have less diversity and make more money. Yet it appears there's no such thing as enough.
Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.) on low-power FM (LPFM), a new class of radio stations created by the FCC, now under attack from the National Association of Broadcasters, National Public Radio and others. If any federal legislation to kill or weaken LPFM is gonna come together, it's probably going to be this week, so keep an eye on Capitol Hill (and your Congresspeople) if you're at all concerned.

October 15, 2000

Yes, it's true. As this

Yes, it's true. As this page verifies, underground comics guys Art Spiegelman and Mark Newgarden helped create the Garbage Pail Kids.

a friendly question from monkeyfist

a friendly question from monkeyfist

originally posted by hcog

October 13, 2000

Like Nader but hate Bush?

Like Nader but hate Bush? Invisible Broadcast System breaks down the electoral college system to demonstrate that a vote for Nader is just a vote for Nader (and not a vote for Bush) if you vote in one of the many states in which the race is not at all close.

There's a lot of good

There's a lot of good stuff over at Kestrel's Nest right now. Don't miss this photo of Al Gore explaining how to hypnotize chickens or this note about Bush's policy on Africa.

Sure, we'll crack SDMI. *After*

Sure, we'll crack SDMI. *After* the record companies and any consumer-electronics companies gullible enough to do their bidding have sunk billions of dollars into hardware and business plans based on it. Hasta la vista, idiots!
The Secure Digital Music Initiative is an industry effort to kill MP3s and assert unthinkable control over when where and how you listen to music in the future. It looks like Eric S. Raymond spoke too soon, though -- every proposed SDMI watermarking scheme has been broken. Let's just hope this is the last we ever hear of it.

I'm posting this page, "What

I'm posting this page, "What Can I Do With This Placenta?", for the expectant father sbomb. Maybe with the help of the recipes at the bottom of the page (spaghetti, placenta, roast), he'll have more luck in getting his wife to eat her placenta than I did getting my wife to eat her placenta. I just thought it would be cool -- sort of a back-to-nature kind of thing. But no dice. Heck, we didn't even bury ours to feed a tree or anything like that. (Besides, should vegetarians eat placenta?)

In case you cared, a former personal assistant to David Byrne once told me that Mr. Byrne was keeping his daughter's placenta in his freezer, for purposes unknown. And, at the time the p.a. discovered this, Miss Byrne was 8 years old! I hope Dad is careful about freezer burn.

2001: A Space Odyssey original

2001: A Space Odyssey original cinematic program -- somehow this is very important.

Last night the toilet talked.

Last night the toilet talked. Tomorrow it may listen, and the day after it just might run a drug test.
Is nothing sacred?

October 12, 2000

The latest episode of Poynter.org's

The latest episode of Poynter.org's Diversity Digest links to some good articles including a story on the increasing use of interracial people and families in marketing and one about the immigration of Mexicans to the rural American South.

The New York Times carries

The New York Times carries a pretty fascinating report on employing gender stereotypes to enhance the synthesized speech interfaces coming soon to a portal near you. I wonder when the researchers will determine that I want my kitchen appliances to talk to me in an old Black woman's voice, my robot vacuum/duster to have a Spanish accent, and my math tutor to sound ever so slightly Asian.

Gardner: At the time,

Gardner: At the time, I honestly thought all these people were guilty. I did take offense at the way the dug raid was handled, because of the prejudicial statements made by the law officers, and by people being dragged in front of the camera in their underwear -- and some of the women were in their see-through nightgowns and pajamas. It was really disgraceful. There wouldn't be a white person in this community who was arrested and drug in front of the cameras like that. In fact, there was two white people that were arrested during the drug raid, but they were allowed to come in and bond out -- they weren't arrested that morning and dragged in front of the cameras. They seemed to have been treated different than the people of black skin, and the only reason I can ascertain is cause of their white skin -- because they were involved with the black community.

Goodman: I think it's important to note, Gary Gardner, that you're not exactly known as one who is sympathetic to the Black community.

Gardner: Well, that statement's not exactly right... I'm a person that sometimes uses language that went out 50 years ago. I don't know exactly how to put that.

Goodman: Let's just say you were warned about using certain "N" words on the program. (chuckles)

Gardner: (laughing) Heh, yes ma'am.
Gary Gardner, a farmer who lives near Tulia, Texas and one of the few local whites to publicly criticize the drug sting operation which resulted in the arrest of over 10% of the town's Black population, talks to Democracy Now's Amy Goodman. I've been meaning to blog the Tulia case but failed on two occasions to gather any links besides my original source for the info (Democracy Now!)... so stop reading rW and check out grim amusements and caught in between for the rest of the story.

Those anti-political demagogues over at

Those anti-political demagogues over at k5 are setting up an on-line debate between all of the presidential candidates, not just the big two.

October 11, 2000

useful chart analyzing US economy

useful chart analyzing US economy today
(1st seen in Village Voice hard copy)

originally posted by hcog

My point is simply that

My point is simply that I doubt I'll read kuro5hin for the same reason I hardly read slashdot these days -- the homogenous readership of both sites is overwhelmingly ignorant of social issues and therefore, in my humble opinion, in the end any analysis they come up with of technology/culture news is so limited by a lack of any diversity of perspective as to be worthless. We can respectfully agree to disagree about which fast food chain has better french fries, but I will not respect any position which does not hold the liberation of those oppressed by shackles of greed to be priority number one.

Well I guess Sud "Microcontent

Well I guess Sud "Microcontent God" Ama has decided that one or two articles that he disagrees with makes an entire site irrelevant. Isn't the whole idea of sites like k5, /. and randomWalks that people can disagree and still communicate effectively? Guess not.

This one's for you, Sud:

/open source open voice revolution

Fuck kuro5hin. View source.

Fuck kuro5hin. View source.

Remember when Orange was the

Remember when Orange was the new Black? Well now kuro5hin is the new slashdot. After a lengthy downtime, it returned a month ago and (unlike /. (which I still love for the record)) every post is relevant with satisfying discussions. The bookster and real name posts are especially nice.

That was great listening this

That was great listening this morning, nedlog, I'm glad you caught it. McChesney has his own site, from which I learned that he's a Nader supporter and learned of an intriguing music newsletter which covers "culture and politics, funk and country, hiphop and heavy metal, racism and revolution, jazz and reggae, folk music and ska, censorship and the phony war on drugs", Rock and Rap Confidential.

Robert McChesney was on Democracy

Robert McChesney was on Democracy Now! today, discussing democracy (or the lack thereof) and the corporate media.

Sell by, use by, best

Sell by, use by, best by, better by, best if used by, enjoy or freeze by, best before, guaranteed fresh until...
But what does it all mean? Use It or Lose It, says the Washington Post.

I stole this from

I stole this from okayplayer

According to Michael Moore, if

According to Michael Moore, if the Democrats take back the House of Representatives 22 members of the Congressional Black Caucus stand to take over the chairmanships of 22 House committees and subcommittees.

originally posted by zagg

October 10, 2000

I heard a Midas ad

I heard a Midas ad on the radio yesterday in which the voiceover said, "It's your alternative to public transportation. ... It's your car, and you should treat it right" (or something to that effect). "Your alternative to public transportation"? Whoever wrote that bit of propoganda should rot in a polluted, traffic-jammed, asphalt-coated hell. Some sort of boycott or letter-writing campaign seems in order.

Seeing Nurse Betty over the

Seeing Nurse Betty over the weekend reminded me that I need to learn much more about Crispin Glover, whom I've heard much about but know very little about. I do know that he's been in a pretty impressive range of films, including Dead Man, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, and Back to the Future (anyone for Six Degrees of Crispin Glover?). But more interesting is that he writes poetry and other books and makes his own films, including What Is It?, which has evidently not been released, but has been screened sporadically. (He also tried to kick David Letterman in a Late Show appearance, and later said that a Crispin Glover impostor had actually been the culprit.) This fansite (which, incidentally, looks like a great place to start learning more about Glover) has a loooong description of What Is It?.

A side note: There's a part in Nurse Betty where Glover says, "No, you shut up" in this way that is exactly like how Marty McFly said "No, Biff, you shut up" in Back to the Future. Same expression, gesture, tone of voice, everything. My wife and I think it must have been intentional.

If you publish online you

If you publish online you should read Write the Web.

A beginner's guide to malt

A beginner's guide to malt liquor, mostly for Linus' amusement. thanks to babygrrl, who's also down for the cause.

Morty the Death's Head

astro(b)logy is sorting weblogs according

astro(b)logy is sorting weblogs according to their creators' sun signs. I'm personally more interested in the sign of the site. randomWalks is a Sagittarius -- keywords: versatile, sincere, searching, broad-minded, outspoken, superficial, jumps between subjects, irresponsible, lucky. thanks, considered harmful.

You can shuffle a deck

You can shuffle a deck of cards into oblivion in only 5 or 6 shuffles, but only if you are skilled with the riffle and split the deck into unequal portions. The average shuffler will require seven riffles, while the overhand shuffle is nearly ineffective in randomizing the order of a deck.

bonus links

the perfect shuffle

becoming an invisible illuminatus: phase one, the poker phase -- i'm not making this up

poker variants

bullshit + poker =

7 card stud variations

poker FAQ

open directory: poker

As the okayplayer tour passes

As the okayplayer tour passes through, the Washington Post peeks behind the scenes at okayplayer.com

October 9, 2000

Using CSS as a Diagnostic

Using CSS as a Diagnostic Tool -- brilliant stuff for HTML coders like me.

The latest broken treaty: 147

The latest broken treaty: 147 people were arrested Saturday protesting Denver's first Columbus Day parade since 1991.

"The Italian-American community, which organized the event, has broken an agreement with Hispanic and Native American groups to call it an 'Italian Pride' day, using not references to Columbus. Italian-American leaders back their decision to break the agreement saying it violates their rights to free speech." -- from NPR's summary of this All Things Considered (realaudio) story.

The guy who signed the agreement comes out and says he never intended to honor it. My jaw just fell on the floor when I heard this.

bonus links
why AIM opposes columbus day and columbus day parades
the original american hero -- the real history of columbus
columbus and the imperial ethic -- the facts
american indian movement (AIM)
the state of native america -- recommended by beXn
creativity and resistance: maroon cultures in the americas
indigenous sovereignty
nativeweb news digest
open directory: indigenous people

The Democrats are using

The Democrats are using abortion scare tactics to trick "liberals" into voting for Gore instead of Nader, claiming that a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush, and that Bush is far worse than Gore when it comes to the abortion issue.

Nader/LaDuke are the only pro-choice candidates. They have endorsed NOW's platform and Nader has supported ERA since back in the day.

The Democrats, especially under Clinton/Gore aren't at all impressive. In 1976, Gore voted for the restrictive Hyde Amendment which denied Medicaid funds for abortion, affecting mostly poor women. From 1977 to 1984, he voted pro-life 84% of the time, according to the National Right to Life Committee. In 1992, he said that he regarded abortion as the taking of "innocent human life," and in 1993, the Clinton/Gore administration wouldn't even pass the measly Freedom Of Choice Act, even with a Democratic majority in Congess.

If you're worried about future Supreme Court appointees, read Michael Moore's "Ain't Fallin' For That One Again" and Barbara Ehrenreich's story for The Nation. As Moore points out, the Republican-appointed justices have upheld Roe v. Wade for the past 27 years. In fact, it was the Kennedy-appointed democrat Justice Byron White who wrote a dissenting opinion that claimed the decision

"values the convenience, whim, or caprice of the putative mother more than the life or potential life of the fetus"

Read that again.

Abortion availability has decreased significantly under Clinton/Gore, and there's no sign that things would be any different under Gore. You can check the statistics on a state-by-state basis at the NARAL resources page or in this ACLU of Northern California report:

...more anti-choice legislation was enacted in 1999 than in any other year.[11] According to the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, "[w]omen seeking abortion in 2000 have fewer rights than their mothers held in 1973."[12] The number of abortion providers has also dropped--by nearly 15% between 1992 and 1996.[13] Only 14% of U.S. counties have an abortion provider, a 10% decrease since 1978.

This article by the ISO is really good, but only touches on abortion briefly.

A vote for Gore is a vote for Bush. A vote for Bush is a vote for Gore. A vote for either is a vote against choice.

October 8, 2000

Two of Lynda Barry's One

Two of Lynda Barry's One Hundred Demons:

Did you know, it's a

Did you know, it's a lot of white people in town that will mistreat you, and don't mean it. Did you know?

Uh-uh ... "and don't mean it," ... why?

Yeah. They have to do it -- to stay white.
From an NPR Lost and Found Sound installment about Eddie McCoy, a self-made oral historian in Oxford, North Carolina.

October 7, 2000

Why Freegan - An Attack

Why Freegan

- An Attack on Consumption -
- In Defense of Donuts -
this shit is wild, and reminds me of the great Abbie Hoffman's Steal This Book.

October 6, 2000

nader's response to colorlines magazine

nader's response to colorlines magazine U site's up

originally posted by hcog

We're having a party and

We're having a party and everybody's invited.

originally posted by mw

I can really relate to

I can really relate to this guy.

And to think that this

And to think that this morning I cast aside the copy of USA Today in front of my hotel room door.

October 5, 2000

It's like you have peanut

It's like you have peanut butter and jelly. I mean, we find that weird. Oh, we would never have peanut butter and jelly together. I would not do that to my taste buds.
She just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich.
More (mostly) from NPR's morning edition:

The Atlantic Monthly has a

The Atlantic Monthly has a really fantastic poetry page, where they archive articles from their print edition--going back to 1857! Its only drawback is that, like the Atlantic Monthly in general, it tends to be rather safe and stodgy, focusing on "canonized" greats such as Hardy, Dickinson, Frost, Auden and Whitman while ignoring any innovations in poetry traceable to any point after, say, 1900. But hey, that's what the Electronic Poetry Center is for.

The Guy I Almost Was

The Guy I Almost Was is a truly excellent panel-per-page online comic. I must insist you check it out. thanks, fuzzybelly.

Who let the dogs out?

Who let the dogs out? (NPR audio)

Printable Punk Rock Girl Paper

Printable Punk Rock Girl Paper Doll, from the Dead Milkmen site.

That these apple trees won't

That these apple trees won't be cut down to make way for streets with ''apple'' or ''orchard'' in their names is what counts to many Leominster residents.
The mayor of Leominster, Massachussetts -- birthplace of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed -- ensured the survival of Leominster's last apple orchard, announcing Monday that the city would buy and preserve 169-acre Sholan Farm.

October 4, 2000

Steve Jobs' resume

Steve Jobs' resume

In Jeffrey Wells' reel.com insider

In Jeffrey Wells' reel.com insider column, there are a couple of interesting points. Why Mississippi Burning is a sham, content vs. form, and Charlie Sheen's questionable claims are all notable.

I don't think OSX is

I don't think OSX is Sgt. Pepper. More like the Phantom Menace (technically amazing and very pretty, but will it have a plot, or just suck?).
Rob Malda of Slashdot weighs in on the cultural significance of Mac OS X.

Except for the art historian

Except for the art historian John MacGregor, who spent weeks holed up in Darger's room before it was dismantled, no one has yet read all of Darger's writings or thoroughly studied his practice of packing his scroll-like paintings with images copied and enlarged from comics, magazines and children's books. This is seen by many as a precedent for the postmodern technique of appropriation.
The New York Times reports that the Museum of American Folk Art has obtained the lion's share of folk artist Henry Darger's work, including his 15,000-page, 12-volume novel, "The Story of the Vivian Girls, in what is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion."

I can't argue with an

I can't argue with an organization that teaches young men community service, responsibility for themselves and respect for institutions and their country and their elders.
You're not trying hard enough!

October 3, 2000

I'm not a security risk.

I'm not a security risk. I'm not being disruptive.
Nader was surrounded by police and refused entrance to the debate hall at UMass-Boston tonight.

More NPR... (realaudio player required)

More NPR... (realaudio player required)

For the month of October,

For the month of October, you can do the New York Times Crossword Puzzle online for free. How lame is it that they charge for this in the first place?

craigslist serves the Washington DC

craigslist serves the Washington DC area now with jobs, housing, classifieds, and community events mailing lists. Lets hope it somehow lives up to the legendary original San Francisco iteration.

On an entirely different note, this skating/graffiti game is unlike anything seen before. I can't wait to play it.

The next Coen Brothers film,

The next Coen Brothers film, O Brother, Where Art Thou? looks like it will be pretty great -- the cast is incredible featuring Holly Hunter, John Turturro, George Clooney, John Goodman, Michael Badalucco and I'm sure other great people whose names I don't recognize.

Nader says no to prisons

Nader says no to prisons
and the death penalty. Meanwhile, Gore's official site proudly proclaims:

Expansion of the Death Penalty. The 1994 Crime Bill authorized the federal death penalty for more crimes, including murders of federal law enforcement officers

Listen to Ralph Nader's speech

Listen to Ralph Nader's speech from Sunday's super rally in Boston.

Howard Zinn Online -- I

Howard Zinn Online -- I still haven't got around to reading A People's History of the United States, which must be supplemented by Ronald Takaki's Strangers From a Different Shore -- get your copy from the Asian American Writers' Workshop -- because Zinn inexcusably ignores the history of Asians in America as I understand it.

hmmmm. I've never heard any

hmmmm. I've never heard any of that before.

eleven commandments for digital photography

eleven commandments for digital photography :

I promise to be a good "digital humanist" and abide by the following eleven commandments as a photographer.

  1. No studios, real locations
  2. No professional models
  3. No zoom lens
  4. No props
  5. Use only on-camera flash and available light
  6. Always hand-held camera
  7. Only carry one camera even when working as a team
  8. When showing a collection, show an equal number of photos from each photographer on the team
  9. No cropping pictures
  10. Don't title your picture with words
  11. Break the preceding rules when your conscience says it's necessary
the 1001 project
Kieran Ridge/Hiromi Oda
thanks, george.

arstechnica reviews OSX

arstechnica reviews OSX

originally posted by tragicM

allaboutgeorge -- good links about

allaboutgeorge -- good links about race and music.

October 2, 2000

so's mk

so's mk

NPR: Why does it matter

NPR: Why does it matter how you raise these things that we're gonna kill almost immediately upon their maturity?
George Huff: I think the answer is the same as for those of us who are human -- we're born to die; what's done in between is what's called life. That's where this kind of treatment of animals is beneath what we're capable of as humans, and I'm hopeful people will understand that and abandon that practice.
Huff, a country lawyer, recently lost his family hog farm to an industrial operation. From NPR's Changing Face of America: Missouri Farms. Other recent NPR highlights include:

Listen to the new Paul

Listen to the new Paul Simon album today in realaudio.

A bit of discussion about

A bit of discussion about public radio over at Metafilter.