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March 31, 2000

Big A found this article

Big A found this article on dorms which mentions some colleges I've spent many hours at... isn't it time to go back to school?

March 30, 2000

Oh! There's Sudama, reading Vice

Oh! There's Sudama, reading Vice magazine under the cherry blossoms.

You know, it smells good in Portland, too.

"That's a mighty big rocket

"That's a mighty big rocket you've got there, Uncle Sam," they said. "Is it as big as the mind? As free as imagination?"

Adbusters asks, "What will you do this fool's day?"

In Virgina, you can tell

In Virgina, you can tell it's spring—forsythias are yellow as crayons, and trees bear a curious mix of deep red buds and young green leaves, but it's the cherry blossoms that close the deal. Things are beginning to smell good too. In Brooklyn a couple of weeks ago things were beginning to smell, but not in quite the same way.

Where's Sudama? Playing Soda? Mobilizing

Where's Sudama?

Playing Soda?
Mobilizing for Justice?
Listening to Common?
Playing Games?

oops that's me!

March 24, 2000

When you know as little

When you know as little about anime as I do, one person's recommendations are as good as another's. thanks, librarian.net.

March 23, 2000

The Free Store is back

The Free Store is back in business -- choose a protocol and check out the wares.

March 22, 2000

Racism is about institutions, history,

Racism is about institutions, history, personal behavior, and privilege, among other things.

IAT (implicit association test)

IAT (implicit association test)

Test your racial bias with this java applet. Pretty cool, interested in the underlying theory.

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March 20, 2000

The politics involved are pretty

The politics involved are pretty overwhelming, but it's not hard to appreciate the gravity of the pope's visit to the Holy Land.



Today is the first day

Today is the first day of Spring. That used to mean something.

March 19, 2000

Scott McCloud's My Obsession with

Scott McCloud's My Obsession with Chess is great autobiographical comic art. thanks, peterme.

March 17, 2000

I wish I didn't know

I wish I didn't know that some natural colors are made from bugs. On the other hand, I'm glad that Food Product Design magazine has a Web site.

March 16, 2000



originally posted by tragicM

The "potato safe"?, the "onion

The "potato safe"?, the "onion cabinet?"... There's a new Ben Katchor strip online at Metropolis.

Vinyl Video 'A truly revolutionary

Vinyl Video

'A truly revolutionary system for screening short artist-made films on a television set. Each film is stored on a 12-inch vinyl record that spins at 45 r.p.m. on a standard audio turntable. An electronic box connects the turntable to a TV and converts the audio signal for video playback.'

Looks like I will be able to cut up gif animations on my 1200's.

Nytimes reports

originally posted by tragicM

March 15, 2000

I just stumbled across the

I just stumbled across the New York Times' photo galleries. They've got a ton of stuff to look through. I particularly like the photos of volcanoes, Malcolm X, this house, this bathroom sink, a church's observance of the heritage of slavery, and these twins attending their prom.

Recently people have suggested that

Recently people have suggested that slashdot is becoming increasingly less relevant. I've been reluctant to accept this, but today's poll (best poll ever) reveals how true this is—given a chance to vote for their favorite Iron Chef, the majority of voters reveal that they know nothing about the show. If this were a mainstream site, fine... but slashdot can't claim to be about 'stuff that matters' if it's readership, which supplies 99% of the content, doesn't know what that stuff is! I did glean one thing from the comments, though: there is a site called rantsylvania which runs weekly recaps of the show.

The Village Voice this week

The Village Voice this week carries a survey of online 'radio' stations. I'm not down with their recommendation of using the ugly buggy RealPlayer exclusively for your streaming needs, but the article offers a great selection of sources for less-than-commercial music that you won't hear anywhere else. If you want to skip the article: luxuriamusic.com, gogaga.com, WFMU, Radio Nova, InterFace, more. Conspicuously absent from the list is Factory 188, the Old Faithful of net radio, providing beats to live by.

"Give me 100 choices of

"Give me 100 choices of what this could be, and 'a gift from Helsinki simulating the northern lights' would be the last one." An escalator at the Dupont Circle metro station in Washington DC is the temporary host of an exhibit from Finland.

"I'm always immaculately dressed, and

"I'm always immaculately dressed, and my truck is always clean. Still, some people ask, 'How can you do this?' I tell them: 'If you saw my check, you'd understand.'" Pedro Gomez sets up portable toilets in New York City.

March 14, 2000

"I can see everything now.

"I can see everything now. What I remember of colours, they were all pale, but now everything is so vivid, the colours, and they fascinate me. I had assumed all my clothes would be dowdy beiges and blacks but when I opened my wardrobe I literally cried with happiness at the colours that were mine." Jean Baxter, blind for 18 years, recently had her cataracts removed.

"I was tossed and pitched

"I was tossed and pitched about most terribly through the rapids, but that was not so bad as the drop from the precipice. I struck some rocks, I believe, and was hurled about and knocked frightfully. I could tell when the descent began by feeling that something had given out from under me. Ugh! It's a terrible nightmare. I don't want to experience it again. I'd sooner be shot by a cannon or lose a million dollars then do that again." The Buffalo News tells the story of Annie Taylor and the 14 others who have ridden Niagara Falls. This American Life took a look at the town obscured by the mist. Here's an okay picture (check out the people for scale) that should convey why you really ought to visit at least once.Thanks, Larkfarm.

Astronomy Picture of the Day—not

Astronomy Picture of the Day—not that great today, but browse the archives for some amazing pictures.

I would love to

I would love to find some of these Three's Company bubble-gum trading cards. For more pop culture wackiness check out the Objet of the Week archive.

Sequential Tart is a Web

Sequential Tart is a Web zine working to raise awareness of women's influence in the comics industry. One great feature is the Bizzare Breasts column, in which an anatomically impossible drawing is critiqued and, when possible, repaired.

March 13, 2000

Now I know how a

Now I know how a catalytic converter works. Of course, if you really want to know how stuff works....

WebApps is also tracking browserware.

WebApps is also tracking browserware. Here's one I am going to have to investigate further: Zaplet, "the new way to communicate that turns your email into a live, shared place." I don't know what that means either.

Ars Technica's recommendations detail what

Ars Technica's recommendations detail what components you'll need to DIY good, better, and best boxes suitable for running Linux, BeOS, and various Microsoft OSes. Once you've got it, their Complete System Buider's Guide explains how to put it all together. I'm putting the 'good' list on my Palm for quick reference; one of these days I'm gonna build me a linux box. thanks, FactoVision.

Random walk along a line:

Random walk along a line: a simulation.

Feed weighs in on the

Feed weighs in on the suburban sprawl tip:

"Do there exist man-made places that are as valuable as the nature they displaced? How about your hometown Main Street? Or Charleston? Or San Francisco? Few would dispute that man has proved himself capable of producing wonderful places, environments that people cherish no less than the untouched wilderness. The problem is that one cannot easily build Charleston anymore, because it is against the law. Even the classic American Main Street, with its mixed-use buildings right up against the sidewalk, is now illegal in most municipalities. Somewhere along the way, through a series of small and well-intentioned steps, traditional towns became a crime in America."

"Watch this transcendent one-hour comedy

"Watch this transcendent one-hour comedy about high school kids trying to figure out where they fit in and you will experience the painful laughter of recognition. And you will fall in love with the show's motley crew of nerds, stoners, brainiacs and confused souls and you will say, 'How come nobody told me this was so awesome?'" Joyce Millman has been telling you since September. "Freaks and Geeks" is in desperate danger of being cancelled, but it's on tonight at 8pm EST on NBC. If you're concerned, you can help keep the show on the air.

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, the Archbishop

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, the Archbishop of Bologna and a leading contender to succeed the Pope, said last week that the Antichrist was "already on Earth in the guise of a prominent philanthropist ... [who] espoused vegetarianism, pacifism, environmentalism and animal rights," though he declined to identify the beast by name. Others have identified Antichrists by name: David Hasselhoff, George Dubya, and Pope after Pope, and many more.

"What deeply worries him is

"What deeply worries him is that these technologies collectively create the ability to unleash self-replicating, mutating, mechanical or biological plagues. 'If you can let something loose that can make more copies of itself, it is very difficult to recall. It is as easy as eradicating all the mosquitoes: They are everywhere and make more of themselves. If attacked, they mutate and become immune. . . .'" Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems has come to the conclusion that "advanced technology poses a threat to the human species." Look for his forthcoming Wired article to be published on Tuesday.

March 12, 2000

"Actually, you are strong

"Actually, you are strong and tough, Robert. But Billy is weak and nervous and crazy about Dance!!" Props to NetDyslexia for turning me on to the incredible Weekly Cat Show.

March 10, 2000

I've been meaning to consolidate

I've been meaning to consolidate my dozen-plus email addresses, and email vs. email looks like the way to do it. An elimination tournament is just what the doctor ordered. Unfortunately, in early sparring my hotmail account seemed to be able to take any challenger—but certainly there's a winner among my endless supply of randomwalks aliases! thanks, gmtplus9.

James Fallows asks why the

James Fallows asks why the best high schools in the nation didn't make Newsweek's list of the best high schools in the nation, and Jay Mathews (who devised Newsweek's ranking system) responds.

I like nothing better than

I like nothing better than a good tongue-in-cheek deconstruction of the detritus of consumer culture. Don't miss the archives. thanks, Boing Boing.

Speaking of rockin', I would

Speaking of rockin', I would do anything for this Microcker t-shirt, but I won't do that.

What browsers will Mac users

What browsers will Mac users be rockin' 6 months from now? Raul Gutierrez has the lowdown.

March 9, 2000

"'Frankly, when I hear this

"'Frankly, when I hear this claim that in [Silicon Valley] they don't discriminate, that makes me deeply suspicious,' he says. 'Why do people inside high tech think they can filter out their prejudices and only hire based on skill, when people in other industries can't? To my way of thinking, there's no industry or group of people who are beyond prejudice and free of discrimination.'" Paul Igasaki of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission knows what time it is.

You know, she's not dead.

You know, she's not dead.
Everyone should email Debbie a happy birthday note.

"The truth is that hardly

"The truth is that hardly anything is as real as it used to be. Stone or brick on a building, despite the solidity it connotes from the days when thick piles of stone and brick actually held up the floors and roofs above, is now all veneer, four or eight inches thick and arranged on the outside of an equally thin, hollow, framed wall." Anita's LOL introduced me to Ken Friedlein's wonderful architecture column The Built World.

"The first draft really took

"The first draft really took shape when I found that I needed to slow way down and distract myself at the same time so I used a paintbrush and Tuscan red watercolor and painted the manuscript on legal paper, trying to concentrate on the calligraphic aspect of writing rather than trying to craft beautiful sentences. I figured as long as the sentences looked beautiful, the rest would take care of itself." Lynda Barry talks about Cruddy, her latest book.

Lasers in the Jungle is

Lasers in the Jungle is a good site for Paul Simon fans.

It must have been an

It must have been an incredible sight on Tuesday when a huge cloud of ash rolled down the slopes of the Mayon volcano.

Once your form arrives (with

Once your form arrives (with a unique 22-digit number) you may be able to fill out the 2000 census online. This census is particularly interesting because to indicate your race, you can now check as many boxes as apply. Salon offered some extremely offensive and ignorant, though sometimes informative, coverage of the issue last month.

I saw Goodfellas for the

I saw Goodfellas for the first time last night, and now I want to watch Animaniacs for all those Goodfeathers cartoons I never quite got.

According to MacDeals, hundreds of

According to MacDeals, hundreds of lucky jerks got Nikon CoolPix 950's for only $510 yesterday through Accompany.com. My birthday is coming up, I just might have to treat myself.

March 8, 2000

I'm looking forward to riding

I'm looking forward to riding some of the great Rails-to-Trails bike trails (abandoned railroad lines converted into long, narrow parks) in the greater DC area this summer. One of the best known is the Washington & Old Dominion trail, which connects Shirlington and Purcellville, Va. across 45 miles. If you ride it, be sure to visit some of the African-American historical sites along the route. I was reminded of the rails-to-trails system (which I'd first heard about in an old Banana Republic catalog, believe it or not) by this Washington Post article about an overnight trip on the Northern Central Railroad Trail, which runs from Baltimore to York Pa. Apparently, recent improvements have made the Mount Vernon trail (which was never a railroad) even more enjoyable than when I used to ride it.

You're our only hope, dude.

You're our only hope, dude.

"Ganguro want to look black

"Ganguro want to look black and American, like their idols TLC and Lauryn Hill. In pursuit of a color that's beyond tan, they frequent tanning salons, purchase sunlamps and smother their faces in brown makeup. It's not uncommon for a girl of limited means to color her entire face with a brown magic marker." Salon reports on the latest fashions to sweep Japan.

March 7, 2000

"42 miles of traffic-free

"42 miles of traffic-free cycling! You'll start at 8:00am from Battery Park in Manhattan through the skyscraper canyons of Sixth Avenue into beautiful Central Park You'll ride across five bridges, with breathtaking views of New York and unique ethnic neighborhoods. Along the way, you’ll enjoy dramatic views of New York’s changing skylines and waterfronts, business districts, and parks." Bike New York (May 7, 2000) sounds like a great way to say goodbye to this incredible city.

We recently saw more examples

We recently saw more examples of how "Black" radio stations (that is, white-owned stations targeting Black listeners) are failing the communities they serve. Washington DC station WPGC mishandled news of the Diallo verdict, and apparently Hot 97 in New York City didn't even report it.

Lake Effect linked to a

Lake Effect linked to a bunch of Watchmen stuff yesterday, and at the risk of being rude I'm going to have to link it all right here too, so that I can forever find it when I want to. First up is the Annotated Watchmen, then we have one Watchmen reference after, er... before, another, and finally a graduate paper—all devoted to the greatest comic story of all time. In a rare trip to a comic book store the other week, I noticed that they're re-serializing the book into 12 issues. If you haven't read it, what are you waiting for?

I have to remember to

I have to remember to check out Spank Radio when I get my DSL connection active.

There is a Jamba Juice

There is a Jamba Juice in DC!—yet another indication that we're making the right decision by moving.

March 6, 2000

I love outdoor art. Washingtonpost.com

I love outdoor art. Washingtonpost.com has a small photo gallery depicting murals from throughout the nation's capital. The best murals are probably found in the West and SouthwestLos Angeles (the mural capital of the world), Austin, San Francisco, Tucson and San Diego have some great ones.

"I had only one choice.

"I had only one choice. Shave half of my beard." Now I'm crying.

Dude, you must read this.

Dude, you must read this. I had the EXACT same idea once, and so did some friends of mine. I still think it's true. There is so much more great stuff at the Portal of Evil I want to cry. Go ahead, dig through the archives... it's not all grotesque and offensive.

There is a great rant

There is a great rant on Bird on a Wire about Web designers' ignorant use of Helvetica in their pages. Bottom line: Helvetica was not designed to be read on a computer screen. Designers at Apple long ago decided to name screen fonts after cities. If you want to specify a screen font on the Mac, your choices include Chicago, Geneva, Monaco, and New York. Most people using either Windows or Mac have Microsoft's TrueType core fonts for the Web installed on their machine these days, which means designers can specify Andale Mono, Arial, Comic Sans, Courier New, Impact, Georgia, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana, and be reasonably confident that a majority of viewers will see their pages as intended.

OmniEdit lets you edit files

OmniEdit lets you edit files on any ftp site with a Web browser. It's free and requires no registration or commitment of any sort. What a great piece of browserware.

March 4, 2000

It looks like the FringeWare

It looks like the FringeWare store closed just a couple of months after I had a chance to visit. It was a great place—I think I spent $80 there on books, magazines, postcards, a CD of Ghetto Life 101 and Remorse: the 14 stories of eric morse, and a videotape of Waco: The Rules of Engagement.

The current issue of Blu

The current issue of Blu Magazine features women in struggle, including Angela Davis, Bahamadia, Assata Shakur, and Yuri Kochiyama. I have two issues, one from the FringeWare store in Austin Texas, and the other I found, oddly enough, at a small drugstore just a few blocks from my apartment here in Brooklyn. I've been meaning to get a subscription, it's great stuff.

March 3, 2000

The town where I live

The town where I live has a new "super" theme song. Listen to
Super Brooklyn.

The Reverend Al Sharpton answered

The Reverend Al Sharpton answered one of my questions (about the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association) in a Washington Post-sponsored online forum... pretty cool.

Jakob Nielsen answers 10 questions

Jakob Nielsen answers 10 questions posed by Slashdot readers. The highlight for me was his prediction that augmented reality and content- and time-based computing will be the next big things in user interfaces. Both of these technologies promise to illuminate patterns of information never before seen.

March 2, 2000

"All these worlds are yours,

"All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landings there." - 2010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke

seen heard felt




Here's a long, long page

Here's a long, long page about the english translation of the Lone Wolf and Cub comic series. I think I stopped collecting comics right around when First quit publishing this title. Hmm, it looks like the page is part of a larger site.

Another take on reality in

Another take on reality in the New Scientist: "space assembles itself out of complete randomness."

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is being filmed in New Zealand by Peter Jackson. Imladris is supposed to be the best unofficial movie site, but I like The One Ring a little better. E Online has a special section devoted to the trilogy that has some good info. When I finish Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age, I'm going to start reading Tolkein's trilogy again. I might be more excited about this than I was about Star Wars...

I'm hooked on lomo and

I'm hooked on lomo and I don't even own one! thanks, netdyslexia.

www.usounds.com is a good place

www.usounds.com is a good place to get mp3s. thanks, thewebtoday.

March 1, 2000

"There is a very committed

"There is a very committed effort to convert the U.S. into something which has the basic structure of a Third World society, meaning sectors of enormous wealth and a lot of people without security or benefits or jobs and a lot of superfluous people. And ... you have to make sure that they don’t notice that something is wrong and do something about it. The best way to do that, traditionally, is to get them to hate and fear one another. So, you get people to worry about crime, not the fact that their salaries are going down and that somebody else has got money coming out of their ears. That’s a technique of social control." Noam Chomsky talks to David Barsamian about expanding the floor of the cage. thank you, abuddha.

People (subterranean notes, lekhani, xblog,

People (subterranean notes, lekhani, xblog, prolific, looka, log nu, upgrade now, phish(tale), a blog by jish (weblog shmeblog) , hit-or-miss.org, web queeries, riothero) like my 'links open windows' checkbox. That makes me happy.

Web Sites for Journalists is

Web Sites for Journalists is a virtual Times Square for media junkies. Check out the shameless use of table borders! thanks, memepool.

"I was confused, dazed, numb.

"I was confused, dazed, numb. A few minutes later stomach pains kicked in. Racist shit is hurtful, insulting, and intolerable. I was uncomfortable with white colleagues. Resentful. I couldn't talk about the verdict. ... White Americans really believe that their anger over the acquittal matters to us. They think that because we don't challenge their racism that it doesn't exist." Wista Jeanne Johnson writes about the Diallo verdict for the Village Voice.