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December 27, 1999

KCRW's Joe Frank Page

KCRW's Joe Frank Page: Joe Frank is of a dying breed: a writer/artist/performer who plies his trade on radio. He's recently overcome some sort of life-threatening problem and is back on KCRW, Santa Monica's public radio station, as well as WFMU, a great freeform radio station that you can hear online as well. The "Holy Land" episode on KCRW's page contains one of the funniest things I've ever heard on radio.

December 23, 1999

Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated: This article on the Sports Illustrated page is sort of a followup to the controversy caused by an earlier Sports Illustrated article (which you can see by scrolling down to the 'related stories' section). Thumbs up to big dorks SI and John Rocker.

December 21, 1999

Joni Mitchell interview

Joni Mitchell interview: thanks, robotwisdom. joni mitchell never lies...

Positive Propaganda

Positive Propaganda: thanks, robotwisdom. This is a small directory of excellent independent websites. Categories include anticommercialism, computer security, anarchism, "chemical yoga," and linux.

December 20, 1999

NYPD=Microsoft's enforcers?

NYPD=Microsoft's enforcers?: thanks, slashdot. A 'clerical error' at Microsoft's WebTV facilities sent a $1 million dollar prototype to Scott Posner in NYC, who had ordered a WebTV unit for his dad -- but before his dad could even open the package, the NYPD were at his door demanding it be returned. Your guess is as good as mine. (note: the story showed up as black text on a black background in my browser)

Secrets of Long Life

Secrets of Long Life: This is pretty fascinating stuff, although I don't like the animal experimentation parts.

New Abolitionist Society

New Abolitionist Society: This is what I read this weekend.

December 19, 1999

In the Beginning was the Command Line

In the Beginning was the Command Line: a short book by Neal Stephenson that's available for download. it considers the evolution of operating systems over the years and is a great read for anyone who wants to know why computers are so damn hard to use and why that's a good thing. or something. it's free. read it.